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Daily life

    Daily life

    Good morning

    Photos by: Marleen Muhuste 

    Edit by me

    Good morning guys! I slept until noon again yesterday and had such an unproductive day because of that. So I decided that today I need to wake up early. I went to bed at 11pm and somehow managed to fall asleep and woke up at 6am today! So nice, I’ve already got a lot of stuff done, I will make this post and then it’s time for my morning walk with the doggy. I will also make sure to go through a grocery shop and buy a few things I need for making breakfast. I’m really in the mood of having breakfast at home and having my fridge full of healthy food. Big grocery shopping trip is needed, but that has to wait right now. Or actually maybe I’ll manage to squeeze it in today. We’ll see! I have some errands to run and in the evening I’m going to an event with Marleen, the camera is coming with us so I’ll show you some photos of the event later :-))

    Have a good & productive day! x

    Daily life

    Reasons to love fall

    As I have to spend two more months in Estonia (more about my future plans in another post) and fall is approaching way too fast, which is not my favourite time of the year, there are a few things I keep telling myself. I’m trying to see the positive side in everything, so let’s count all the things why fall is actually such a nice and cozy time of the year:

    • Fall fashion – hats, coats, cozy knits etc. Zara always has lots of nice stuff in stores when fall starts
    • Back to routines – while summer is so on and off when it comes to routines. Especially trying to work out properly or eat healthy at home, it just doesn’t work out. You eat healthy and excercise for 2 days until your friend asks you out for sushi and wine or a little Wednesday evening party and it’s summer so of course you go. But fall on the other hand is the perfect time to get back at it. Re-start your gym membership, go grocery shopping and cook all your favourite healthy meals. Loose a few extra kilos you gained in the summer. Fall really is the perfect ‘get yourself together’ time
    • Staying in – watching a movie and drinking your favourite tea under cozy blankets while it’s dark, cold and raining outside. Anything cozier?
    • Work on yourself – meditate (I recommend Headspace app, I used it for a few months before summer started), read or listen to eye-opening self help books, do yoga. These kind of things make you feel SO GOOD! I promise. Nothing better than working on yourself it honestly makes you feel so alive. I have to remind myself to do this, because it’s so easy to forget. But meditating only takes 10 minutes a day and listening to an audiobook before falling asleep is so much nicer than scrolling through every single Instagram account on your explore feed

    This is where I started googling ‘reasons to love fall’, I can’t come up with anything else haha. Do you love fall? And if you do then tell me why? I need to learn how to love fall too! Let’s just say that I’m trying to adjust to this ‘fall is actually nice’ idea because I’ve always been a summer girl and I prefer to escape somewhere warm during this cold and dark time. But the things I wrote down really make me feel good about the fact that I’ll be staying here in Estonia for a bit longer than planned. I can just work on myself and enjoy this cozy time of the year :-))


    Daily life

    Right now

      Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! We are sitting in cafe August, just had some food and took these photos and now I’m having matcha and making this post. Sometimes it’s so nice to have your office somewhere else than at home – a cozy cafe is always a good idea!

    I dressed up a bit today with a nice top, skirt, earring and a Daniel Wellington watch + cuff. I received them as a gift from Daniel Wellington and the watch and cuff combo is absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t really been a watch person (I rarely wear jewellery in general, but changing that slowly) until I received this watch. Now I want to wear it with all my outfits, it adds such a nice touch :-)) I also have a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing this watch or cuff any other of their gorgeous products. Honestly the quality is amazing, a bit pricey but you’re going to have it for years and years so I truly recommend! The code is 15LUCY 


    (ps. how nice does my tattoo look? I love it!!!)


    Daily life


    Hey guys! I had such a shitty day yesterday so I didn’t blog. I’m feeling a bit better today though :-)) today was (actually still is) a real ‘get stuff done day’ I haven’t been at home a lot and I’ve barely spent any time on my computer so I had a lot of things that I needed to get done. Starting with editing photos for Instagram and ending with paying a fitness club bill that I had forgotten to pay for more than 2 months. I’m wishing I was at the beach though, like on this photo we took the other week. I hope the weather stays nice and we’ll get a few more beach days. I can’t believe summer is almost over, I feel like it just started!?

    I just got home from a late lunch with a friend, when you work at home then it’s so nice to go out and meet up with someone for lunch and just get your mind off all the things you need to get done. I always come back so much more energized and motivated. I’m going to continue planning my Instagram feed & editing photos, I haven’t been posting a lot on Instagram lately and I really want to change that and get back on track!