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Daily life

    Daily life

    My grocery shopping list

    Hey guys! I just went grocery shopping and I thought I’d list all the items that I bought here. You get to know the person better if you look into their fridge, right? Haha let’s do this:



    Frozen berries (for smoothies)






    Lemon (to make lemon water)

    Organic Wraps




    Green beans


    Sweet potato


    Almond milk


    Cottage cheese


    Greek Yogurt

    Strawberry Jam (no sugar)

    Smoked salmon (for wraps and salads)

    Small pack of eggs



    I think that’s all! I don’t eat much diary, just cottage cheese in wraps and almond milk with my morning cereal. I’ve never liked milk so almond milk is the way to go for me. I usually have a smoothie or cereal in the morning, a fruit salad or a wrap for lunch and if I’m hungry in the evening I’ll roast some sweet potato and pumpkin in the oven, with quinoa and beans on the side. Although I try not to eat a lot in the evenings so sometimes I just have a big lunch and something small for dinner like a watermelon. I snack fruits through the day and I’f I’m hungry I’ll make a smoothie. This is pretty much how I’ve been eating here the whole time 🙂 it will definitely change when I go back to Estonia as we don’t have a lot of fresh fruit over there but we’ll see.

    Hope you all are having an awesome day! xo



    Daily life

    Random facts about me

    1. I can’t remember peoples faces. Like for example, if I’m told to find the person who was standing right next to me on a photo given to me, then it’s absolutely impossible for me to point out that person on that photo, assuming that all the people on the photo have their hair and skin tone in the same color.

    Or when I was shopping (a few days ago) a sweet lady asked me if I’d like her to take some clothes to the changing room for me and I said yeah sure. 5 minutes later I had grabbed some more clothes and someone else (or was it the same person!?!?) came to me asking if I’d like her to take the items to the changing room and I said that someone already took a few of my items there so I already have a changing room sorted out and that she can take the items to the same changing room. She gave me the weirdest look ever so I realised that it was probably the same person but I couldn’t remember that. OH MY GOD I just googled it and it’s actually a thing – it’s called face blindness. Haha what the hell I honestly had no idea that it was an actual thing.

    I also have a hard time recognizing people in movies, I’m like wait is it the same person who we already saw or is it someone else?! If you watch a movie with me then I would probably ask that a few times from you during the movie 😉

    I could never draw a persons face unless I’ve seen the person at least 20 times. I could draw my best friend or my mother, but not the person who I met yesterday as I barely remember that persons face.

    2. I have a bad memory (kind of related to the first one) but I’ve always had a bad memory, if you ask me what I did yesterday then I have to think about it for at least 5 minutes until I finally remember what I did

    3. I have 26 024 photos on my camera roll

    4. My phone is ALWAYS at 1%

    5. I eat super healthy and I barely crave unhealthy food because of all the nasty stuff that’s in there. I’m always shopping at the healthy food counters 😉 maybe I should write my grocery list here so you guys would get an idea of what I usually eat? I’ve seen it on some blogs, seems like a cool thing!

    6. I’m always late. Even if I start getting ready 4 hours before I have to go out, I will still be late

    7. I find it easier to talk to guys. And like, I find it easier to make friends with a guy rather than with a girl. I guess it’s because I’ve grown up with boys (three brothers), I just feel that girls can be super bitchy and I’m scared to talk to girls but guys are like super chill and not bitchy at all haha so they are easier to talk to if you get what I mean

    That’s all I could think of right now. Now it’s movie time, Marleen is sick so we are just cozying up in bed and watching ‘How to be single’ I’ve seen it before but I think it’s such a good and funny movie 🙂




    Daily life

    Couch potato & lip update

    photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51 photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51-2Helloo from a couch potato! I’ve been so lazy today but I guess it’s because I went out last night and got home at 5 am haha, but it was so much fun, I even had a glass of wine 😉 Anyways today has consisted of a gossip girl marathon followed by a little walk down at the beach, super lazy day but after all that’s what Sundays are for right?

    Anyways yesterday marked 2 weeks since I got my lips done which means that they are completely healed now! Don’t mind my no-make-up-super-sad-face on the second photo but I wanted to show you how my lips look like without smiling etc. I’m super happy with the result, it looks so natural that if I tell people that I’ve gotten my lips done everyone says that they would’ve never guessed it and that’s exactly what I wanted. It’s such a good feeling when you have thought about doing something for a really long time, finally do it and then you’re super happy with it – that’s exactly how I feel. I haven’t told my mom that I got mine done, but I’m 100% sure that when I go home she won’t even notice hahaha. Anyways as I already said I am super happy I did it, the difference is quite minimal but it’s everything I wanted. I got 1ml for everyone asking 🙂

    Daily life

    Little update

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-86Hey guys! I haven’t been updating much lately, we had to move out from our apartment on Friday (we only booked it for 8 days) but we had not found a new place yet, so we took a hotel in the city and spent the weekend there celebrating Marleen’s birthday, it was so much fun! We went clubbing on Saturday and ended up at a pool party on Sunday, Marleen took some photos there so I might do a post about it if I find a few decent photos haha. There was no internet in the hotel though so that’s why I couldn’t update. Anyways being homeless sucks, we were planning to move into a new place today but suddenly I got a message that the place isn’t available anymore. So here we are, crashing on our friends sofa for the night, but I guess that’s a part of traveling, things like these happen and you just gotta take it easy. Life is an adventure 🙂 Anyways we just found a new place, it’s a bit more expensive than what we wanted to pay but it’s in Bondi, in the same building where we lived before. Bondi is my favourite place in the world so it’s worth it 🙂

    I’m going to bed now, can’t wait to move into that new place tomorrow and get my life together haha.