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Daily life

    Daily life


    Hellloo..I wanted to take a cute photobooth pic but realized I don’t look cute at all so I found this old one I took in Aus haha :-)) I’m in Tartu right now with Marleen and Kristina, we’re having a little girls getaway drinking mimosas and watching desperate housewives hehe. I’ve had some wine as well so I feel so full of love so I love you all have a great Friday night xoxoxo

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    I scream ice cream

    Shorts – here / Top – here / Jacket – here / Bag – LV

    We went to this ice cream place with Marleen! It was soooo good you need to try it, I found it on Insta it’s called ‘Crazy ice roll’ and it’s in Balti Jaam. I got the Kinder Buoeno one and Marleen got strawberry & blueberry one and both were deliciouuus. I love this kind of places that sell good Instagrammable food haha, btw do you guys have any reccomendations for cute Instagrammable cafes/restaurants in Tallinn? Tell mee

    Now I’m spontaneously in Pärnu at my favorite spa :-)) I’ll try to take some photos today if I can get a guy to take decent photos of me? Hahah

    Daily life

    Summer 17 throwback

    Midsummer celebrationsSo much love for these girls ♥♥♥ My brekkie spot! I used to literally go there every morning to have porridge. And that kama drink is soo good I need to restart this tradition asapThat eve was so fun! Manna La Roosa invited us for some cocktails and we clearly all had one too many hahaParty night Midsummer grillBest girls ♥ 

    Super spontaneous Saaremaa trip Yummmmm Clubbing fun! I haven’t been to an actual club in ages, in Sydney I only went to bars etc but never to a club. And apparently people in Estonia don’t really to go clubs during summer anymore!?

    Shoot for Sportland Eesti

    This festival was so freaking fun. I want to do it again!!

    My birthdayyyy! I actually live in the same apartment with the guy on the left now hehe

    An outfit Got my makeup done by Doris Karola. She’s amazing

     Some photos from last summer that I found on my hard drive. Fun times now let’s do it all over again! ♥♥♥

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    Friday night

      I’m wearing pants from Mistressrocks & Whitefoxboutique top & Boohoo heels & Lovisa earrings & MY NEW BAG!!!!!

    We went to this beer company’s event on Friday night, it was so cool and different. The vibe was like ‘hip hop block party’ and it was awesome! I’ve never had this much beer in my life before haha, I felt like dying yesterday and Lauren wants go to out again tonight because it’s my last weekend and I’m like…dead. I can’t do the whole weekend anymore, I can party one night and then need to rest for a week haha. But it’s so freaking cool to do this here and get invited to these cool events etc. Ah ♥