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Daily life

    Daily life

    Birthday girl

    It was my birthday on the 11th of July ♥


    I had such a great birthday, I got so many lovely brithday wishes from all around the world and honestly it warmed my heart so much I got tears in my eyes. So much love around me. Thank you all!!

    My birthday started at Kaberneeme, where we hung out with a bunch of friends (and a lot of new friends), we took the boat to a private island, chilled there, went for a swim, had some wine and watched the sunset. When we got back we grilled, went to sauna and jumped into the lake. I got back into the city on the 11th morning, looking like a true countryside kid with all my clothes completely dirty haha. Then showered and got ready for dinner with my girlfriends ♥

    Spread love guys! x

    Daily life

    Hair change


     A while ago I posted on my Insta story asking for recommendations for a good hairdresser in Tallinn and a lovely girl messaged me saying she’d love to do my hair! We went for a blue black colour (my new favourite) and I love how it turned out! My hair really needed a change as you can see from the before photos haha and I’m so happy how it turned out. I got my hair done at Glamfactor Studio in Kadriorg by the lovely Laura-Gerli. I definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a good hairdresser in Tallinn :-))

    I just got home from jet skiing at it was so freaking fun!! I’ll post more about it tomorrow, right now I need a hot cup of tea and continue with some emails. I feel like I have so much work to do that I should stay at home for 3 days to get everything done but I end up in different cities every day…the struggle. I’ll try to wake up super early tomorrow, if I get a decent amount of work done I’ll go to another city again to a nice little summerhouse with a little crew, but we’ll see. Good night you all! xx

    Daily life


    I’m wearing a dress from Saboskirt

    In Pärnu today! 5 days unwashed hair  and wearing the same outfit as yesterday haha. We went to Viljandi on Friday to see some friends and party and then on Saturday we drove to Pärnu for another party. I was drinking (or shall I say I was drunk off my face) on Friday but decided not to drink on Saturday. It’s actually quite funny to walk around at a party totally sober.

    I think roadtripping is the best part of Summer! Different city every weekend 🙂

    Now I’m just going to relax on the couch, watch a movie with one eye and post something on Instagram. Have a good night everyone x

    Daily life


    I went shopping yesterday! Did you see my Instagram story about the Nike sale? ♥


    Hey guys! I’m in a bit of a rush, I need to quickly do a workout and then take my mom for dinner…and it’s already 7pm. But I also really wanted to blog before so I could leave my laptop home and go watch a movie with my mom at my brothers place. I usually ALWAYS have my laptop on me and my mom is like ‘heeey why aren’t you watching the movie’ hehe so decided I will leave it home this time. Also I don’t know if you like these kind of short ‘heey I’m in a rush but here’s a photo of me’ haha random posts or it’s better when I have more time and can post more photos etc? I always wonder.

    Anyways I’m hoping we can do takeaway, then I don’t need to shower and get ready and I would save lots of time, we’ll see! I really want to squeeze in this workout, I had such a great routine in Australia but now I haven’t worked out at all (except powerwalking) so it’s really needed. Have a great night guys xx