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Daily life

    Daily life

    What was I thinking!?

    .. When I randomly bought a ticket to Australia this morning.. FOR NEXT MONDAY. I thought it’s going to be good, I don’t have much to do and whatever I have left to do – it will push me to do these things even faster. Until tonight when I realized that:

    1. I have to pack and ship out all the clothes I sell
    2. I still have collaborations to shoot, of stuff that I haven’t even received yet. And it just can’t rain, because I need to shoot
    3. I want to meet up with all of my friends before I go and that needs some scheduling. I made so many new friends this summer, which is crazy because I don’t usually make friends that easily or so I thought. I’ve had the same group of friends for years and years, it was crazy fun to make all these new friends. All new and old friends, I want to see you before I go ♥
    4. I have to pack up every single thing I own as I’m renting out my apartment. Yes I have my own apartment and I didn’t have to pay for it. I inherited it from my father, but before you think I’m lucky please know that my father was killed when I was 6 years old
    5. I have to pack up my suitcase (not the biggest thing, but still it takes time)
    6. Rent out a storage room where I’m going to keep my stuff that I won’t bring with me and won’t sell. Like my main winter jacket or ugg boots
    7. Spend as much time as possible with my dog because I love him so freaking much and he’s so cute
    8. Have time to breathe and enjoy everything around me, I don’t want this last week to be a rush, I want to be calm and happy. But at the same time get everything done.

    I probably forgot like 10 other things that I need to do. But first up tomorrow: notary with my grandma, meeting up with 2 of my friends aand then a meeting in the evening with the guys who are going to move into my place :-)) So that’s how tomorrow is going to look like, not sure if I’ll have time to blog but we’ll see! Good night x

    Daily life


     I was about to make this post this morning,  until my dog started making super weird noises and I went to the doctor with him. This poor guy has a flue, he can’t even bark or anything. He got three injections into his butt and some medications. We’ve been cuddling alll day. I hope he will get better soon ♥

    Ps. I said that I will post the Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger photos, but I went through them and wasn’t too happy with the results. I felt like the location was off, so I’ve been wanting to re-shoot it but it has been raining for three days straight. I hope the rain will stop soon because I don’t have any new photos and I still have lots of outfits to shoot. Okay time to cuddle again with the cutest sick puppy, talk tomorrow x

    Daily life


      I  wore the most basic outfit, almost alll black. I think this hat is super cute though!We went to the shops to check out some lenses. I waant a 25mm lens  Both me and Marleen bought this cream, I’ve had it before and it’s amazing, makes your skin baby soft and it’s all natural. A bit pricey but it was on sale so we had to buy it :-)) Such a cute jacket @Zara On our way to the shops. So beautiful! I love taking it all in before I move away Love love love  Aand a movienight with these babies and some takeaway ♥

    I feel like these photos are such a bad quality and not nice visually but at the same time it’s nice to show some daily snaps, so I’m literally trying to decide between deleting this post and posting. But I’ll post it, let me know if you prefer nice full quality pictures or you like these kind of daily snaps? x

    Daily life

    Sneak peek of what I’m going to sell

    Sneak peak of what I’m going to sell! ;-)) I went through lots of photos, now I hope that I will also find everything that I want to sell (somehow my clothes sometimes just disappear!?) and then I think I’m going to list all the items here. In a way it’s sad to get rid of the clothes but I know that whoever gets these will wear them more than I do because I have too much stuff. And I’m planning to go to Australia with one suitcase only, so yes a closet cleanout is much needed. And I’m trying to save up for a new lens!

    I’m sitting on the couch in front of the tv and I just cried my eyes out (I swear I cry 2 times a year the most. My best friend has seen me cry once or twice and we’ve been friends for 8 years) but they showed a story about how a girl helped her mom when she got cancer (the girl was only 10 years old) she helped to feed her, go to the toilet etc and her mom beat the illness. Ahh It was all just so sad and happy at the same time, I usually never cry when I watch sad stuff but that really got me haha.

    Anyways my mom went to Greece last night (she really deserves a holiday I hope she’ll have the best time!) and Marleen is somewhere out so it’s just me and Ringo tonight. Cozy ♥