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Daily life

    Daily life

    Right now

      Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! We are sitting in cafe August, just had some food and took these photos and now I’m having matcha and making this post. Sometimes it’s so nice to have your office somewhere else than at home – a cozy cafe is always a good idea!

    I dressed up a bit today with a nice top, skirt, earring and a Daniel Wellington watch + cuff. I received them as a gift from Daniel Wellington and the watch and cuff combo is absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t really been a watch person (I rarely wear jewellery in general, but changing that slowly) until I received this watch. Now I want to wear it with all my outfits, it adds such a nice touch :-)) I also have a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing this watch or cuff any other of their gorgeous products. Honestly the quality is amazing, a bit pricey but you’re going to have it for years and years so I truly recommend! The code is 15LUCY 


    (ps. how nice does my tattoo look? I love it!!!)


    Daily life


    Hey guys! I had such a shitty day yesterday so I didn’t blog. I’m feeling a bit better today though :-)) today was (actually still is) a real ‘get stuff done day’ I haven’t been at home a lot and I’ve barely spent any time on my computer so I had a lot of things that I needed to get done. Starting with editing photos for Instagram and ending with paying a fitness club bill that I had forgotten to pay for more than 2 months. I’m wishing I was at the beach though, like on this photo we took the other week. I hope the weather stays nice and we’ll get a few more beach days. I can’t believe summer is almost over, I feel like it just started!?

    I just got home from a late lunch with a friend, when you work at home then it’s so nice to go out and meet up with someone for lunch and just get your mind off all the things you need to get done. I always come back so much more energized and motivated. I’m going to continue planning my Instagram feed & editing photos, I haven’t been posting a lot on Instagram lately and I really want to change that and get back on track!

Photos by Marleen Muhuste


Last photos from our shoot for Sportland! What do you think? :-))

Hey guys! Yesterday we ended up not going to the shops, we stayed in and cleaned our apartment instead (read: Marleen cleaned the apartment). I was so tired and lazy the whole day, I had really bad stomach cramps too and just no energy. Later in the evening I thought that I should do something because I had literally spent the whole day inside, so we went to have some food and a glass of wine with Marleen. After that the plan was to go out, I came home just before going to the party just to change my outfit a bit and I suddenly got so tired that I changed into PJ’s and went to bed haha. I watched some series and fell asleep. I was so tired this morning as well (what’s going on?! I feel like maybe it’s because I’m on my period. I seriously have no energy) but I managed to get myself out of bed and went to visit my grandma, she cooked me food and then we took a nice walk in the sun. I love her so much, she’s 95 and still so full of life. She’s amazing. Now I just got home and I’m trying to keep my eyes open. I actually have to start getting ready, we are having a girls dinner tonight because Kristiina is moving back to the UK, so it’s going to be the four of us for one last time ♥

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Daily life

Summer vibes

Hey guys! We came to Viljandi on Sunday with Marleen. We just hung out and had sauna and then on Monday we did some exploring and ended the night with a BBQ and driving around during the sunset in this cute ass car haha. Such a good time, summer vibes all over. Now we are on the train on our way home, I’m going to meet up with Eliza soon I haven’t seen this girl in ages so it’s about time. I’m going to continue editing photos now – best thing to do on a plane/train. Talk later! x