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Healthy breakfast

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hey guys, I missed blogging so much!! I was a bit off the past days and kind of busy too. On Friday I got a last-minute call saying that I have to go to work and when I got back home my girlfriends were already here, so I didn’t have any time to blog. We went out clubbing and I got home 6am in the morning, slept until 2pm and spent the day doing absolutely nothing – being bored as hell but too lazy to do anything. I went to sleep 5am last night, because my sleeping schedule is so messed up now. I feel like because of that one party night I don’t have my life together anymore haha. I hate feeling unmotivated, waking up late and not doing anything with my life, partying can be fun once in a while but but I just keep regretting it the next day haha. Maybe it’s not for me anymore? I feel like I want to focus more on work and getting stuff done, but partying just slows everything down.  If I go back to Australia I definitely want to go clubbing there once in a while, people start drinking there at 6pm, you go to the club at 8pm and all the clubs close at 1am, meaning that you are at home in bed by 1.30 – how good is that? Here people go to the clubs at 1am and get home at 6 haha.

Anyways enough with that, Marleen made us this super good breakfast one morning and it’s super easy to make as well so I though I would share the recipe with you. All you need is (portion for 2): 2 bananas, 2 cups of greek yogurt, pomegranate and berries for topping. Put the bananas and the greek yogurt in the blender and blend, bananas give a really nice sweet taste to the yogurt. Then pour it in a bowl and top it up with pomegranate and all kinds of berries. And that’s it! Try it for breakfast next time, healthy and really good too I promise 😉

I gotta go now, talk to you later xoxo