Daily life


A very sweaty breakfast with Adam this morning in 37 degree heat

Remember how yesterday I wrote that I’ll continue sipping on my matcha? Well 10 minutes later I was throwing up in the bathroom haha talk about luck. The matcha I was drinking was super strong and tasted awful but I forced myself to drink it because I needed the energy. I googled what happened and apparently I got a green tea poisoning. I’m still feeling unwell today, very lightheaded and dizzy, I only had a few bites of my breakfast. I don’t know if I still feel unwell from the matcha or there’s something wrong? I guess I just have to wait a few days and if I still feel very low on energy and dizzy I need to get a blood test. Although I’m sure it’ll pass!


I had to skip Lauren’s bday tonight, I need to rest and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Have a good day guys :)) x