Lululemon (an activewear shop 5 minutes from my place) hosts workouts in store before opening a few times per week, I’ve always seen the signs outside but never went in. Until last night when I walked past and saw that – Wednesday morning 7am Boxing. I had not worked out for 3 weeks after getting a bad flu and I was finally feeling better + I had always wanted to try boxing!!

So I set my alarm had an awesome boxing session with the coolest girls this morning! Honestly I’m so happy I went, it’s always a bit scary to go do a new group workout you’ve never tried – like maybe they are all pros and you’re a joke? But I ignored these thoughts that popped into my mind for a second when I was on my way there, went in and killed it and had an awesome time! They do a lot of different workouts 4 times per week – boxing, yoga, pilates etc. And the best part is that all the workouts are free, and it’s a 5 minute walk from home! I’ll definitely try to go in for a workouts a few times per week…I think boxing on a Wednesday morning is going be a tradition ;-)) best way to start the day!


…Honestly my arms are so sore though. Writing this post with macaroni arms was the real struggle