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Book recommendation

As you guys know I love personal development books and this is a new fave! I borrowed this from my flatmate and I’ve been slowly reading it (I usually listen to audiobooks while I’m walking etc) but it’s nice to have a hard copy for a change! Anyways this book is quite different from all the other self help books I’ve read, it’s from a completely different perspective – more like “yeah life sucks sometimes but that’s just life” rather than “choose to see love and positivity in every moment even if the moment feels negative. Be happy all the time” etc. This book isn’t about not giving a fuck about anything, it teaches you to only give a fuck about things that matter. We can’t possibly give a fuck about every single thing in our lives. That fuckboy who’s not treating you right? Leave, he’s not worth your time because you don’t give a fuck. Got an important exam coming up to get your dream degree? Study as much as you can, be antisocial because you don’t give a fuck, this degree is your dream. I think you get my point ;-)) It’s all about choosing what to give and what not to give a fuck about (I think I’ve never said fuck this many times in any of my blog posts haha)

I already recommended this to my best friend so I thought I’d recommend this book to all my bloggy friends as well :-)) it’s a good one! Sleep time for me now xx