Birthday dress

1. from here / 2. here / 3. & 4. from here / 5. from here / 6. from here

Good morning! I started my morning with some online shopping. If I would go clubbing on my birthday (what I might do, but no drinking for me. My plans change way too fast haha) I would wear something from the collage above. I’m really into white/nude/khaki tones, they are so easy to match with some jewellery and your favourite heels. Which dresses are your faves? I think mine are 2 & 3 but I really love them all. Anyways we’ll see what I end up wearing 😉  I always leave buying stuff like that to the last minute, but thank god for online shopping and express deliveries haha!

I’m going  home now, I have spent the past days at my mom’s place. Luckily it’s just a 2 minute walk home, I love that everyone lives so close to me – my boyfriend – 3 minute walk, my mom – 2 minute walk, my bestie living at my place – winning haha.

Gotta go now, I’m so hungry and theres no food here (seriously mom, you should go grocery shopping lol). Talk to you later xx