Daily life

Big city life


Hey guys! We took such a nice walk last night. I love living in the city centre, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. I’m used to that, I have always lived in the centre and I actually feel so safe when there’s a lot of people around. 6 in the evening is the perfect time for a walk, the sun is setting and everything turns pink, such a beautiful view. So crazy to think that I’m on the other side of the world from home, but I feel so at home here. We walked for 2 hours and it felt so good. I will try to do that every day from now on!

Today has been kind of a chill day, haven’t done much. We are trying to find a car and we need to buy it before we go to the Whitsundays, but we haven’t found the right one yet. Fingers crossed we will find it tomorrow! Then we would put all the unnecessary stuff into the car, fly to the Whitsundays and after that a road trip to Sydney. Sounds good to me 🙂

I’m going to do a little workout now. I’m on week 5 in the training guides, yay! Talk to you tomorrow x