I’m wearing a top from Dollygirlfashion & Levi’s shorts

Photos by Gabriel Hutcheon

Edit by me

Hey guys! Here’s a classic look from here, when you live by the beach you don’t really need anything else than shorts and crop tops. This crop is my new fave, I think it’s so cute! Would work well for a night out as well, talking about nights out I didn’t go out this weekend and haven’t partied in agees but one of my best friends is coming here next week with her boyfriend and the plan is to take them out so they’ll meet my friends and have a good time. How awesome will that be ♥

I will continue packing up my stuff now, I have to move out of this Airbnb today as I booked it for 10 nights only. I had such a great time staying here with Kate and jay – amazing people. I will go and visit my auntie today and stay with her for the night, I think some family time will be so nice. And then tomorrow I will move into my friends Mitch’s room (he used to be my neighbour, we threw the sickest house party together through 2 apartments haha so that’s how we met), he messaged me asking if I still need a place to stay and told me that he’s leaving for Sri Lanka so I can stay in his room. So sweet of him, it’s right by the beach in north Bondi as well so perfect location.

Okay now I really have to pack, pack, pack! Talk to you tomorrow x