Be There Beauty brunch

  And after this photo it all went downhill…haha

BeThereBeauty event at the Upper East Side ♥

I got invited to this pretty event last Saturday! Lauren came with me and we had so much fun. We kind of didn’t get the dress code though, it was a brunch event so we thought let’s dress casual but when we got there everyone was wearing heels and full glam haha, oh well we just laughed about it and now I know that brunch is fancy thing in Australia haha. Anyways it started at 11.30am so we didn’t have breakfast before, but this event turned out to be more drinks than food so imagine how drunk we got as we had alcohol for breakfast.


I was planning to shoot a lot of photos but the last photo is the last photo I took that day/night haha. They brought this huge jug of alcohol to the table, but everyone but me and Lauren was driving in our table so we ended up drinking the whole thing ourselves. Later on after the event we went to the Bucket List by the beach and had a bottle of wine, haha I don’t know if you saw it on my story but I was trying to take a boomerang of me pouring wine into my glass but totally didn’t realise I was pouring it on the floor all over Lauren’s new white kicks haha. After that we went to mine and had half a bottle of vodka. Don’t ask. Anyways the night ended at 2am two guys carrying Lauren to my place because she couldn’t walk hahaha. It was one of these nights, we were out for like 13 hours partying! Absolutely crazy. Probably the craziest night I’ve had since I was 16. Great after I just said that I don’t really want to party haha but spontaneous party nights are always the best :)) Thanks to BeThereBeauty for having me it was such a pretty event and such a sweet girl behind the brand!!