Barcelona shopping

Two pairs of Adidas Superstars – perfect for summer. The white ones go with everything – jeans, skirts, dresses. They are so simple and chic. The pink ones were such an emotional buy hehe, they went so well with the outfit I was wearing while trying these on so I just couldn’t resist. Perfect if you want to add a special touch to your outfit or just plan your look around your shoesShirt bought from Bershka man (as seen in my outfit photos) and shorts & scarf from Zara. Perfect summer shorts I would say, these go really well with heels too for a summer night out. And this scarf – obsessed! I love love it,  I either just tie it around my neck or wear it like on the photo, makes every outfit more edgy! My new favourite light green jeans from Zara and perfect summer jacket from MangoThis swimsuit though! Who knew Zara makes swimsuit like these? Looks like an expensive designer one to me! Obsessed.

Heyy guys! Here’s a post about what I bought in Barcelona, I think I found so nice stuff. That’s not all though, I bought some crop tops and bikini bottoms and probably something else that I can’t remember. But I forgot to take photos of these – hehe honesty always wins right.

I feel like I’ve been slacking here recently a bit, but it’s because my boyfriend came to Estonia for 3 days so I just spent time with him. We don’t see each other very much because we both have a lot of traveling going on in our lives, he does professional Judo so he travels around a lot. But it felt good to spend some time with him <3

Anyway we are not going to The Yacht Week, we didn’t get any response form there and then we found out that the cruise we were looking at, was in Croatia not in Greece, so yeah whatever haha.

We are going out for dinner now, have a good night guys x