Photos by: Marleen Muhuste

Edited by me

Hey guys! I came home to some parcels and in one of the packages I found this super cute hoodie/dress. I think it’s so cute and matches perfectly with my new sneakers. It’s from Cats got the Cream and you can find it here

I just finished editing these photos, Marleen is editing some other photos in the other room haha and it looks like this: hey could you come here for a sec to check my editing and she’s like hey could you come here for a second to check this. And then we check each others work, give some tips and continue doing our stuff. So cozy!

I have to get dressed now, I have to go to my granny’s place today, I promised to be there at 2pm but I already know I’ll be late and she’s gonna be so mad haha. Gotta go! Have a nice FRIDAYY everyone!