At LA airport yesterday right before throwing up on the plane haha, good times

Good morning! Woke up 5 am today, oh the jet lag. I’ll try to go to sleep later tonight so I would sleep a bit longer. Let’s hope I will be able to stay up! We are going to have breakfast in a cafe across the road now, no food at home and too lazy to go to the store and start cooking. I’m still in my travel mode, so let’s do one more day of just being, relaxing and eating out. Back to the routines tomorrow, I really want to start eating healthy again, so I will go to a health food store and fill up my kitchen with all kinds of organic stuff. Have you tasted organic fruits/veggies? You’ll never go back to the ones they sell in grocery stores. Organic is expensive but it’s so much better for you and tastes a million times better too, I promise! 😉 But now – breakfast. Talk to you later x