Adventure Sunday

number10.jpg (1 of 1)-313PicMonkey Collage78number10.jpg (1 of 1)-301number10.jpg (1 of 1)-316number10.jpg (1 of 1)-325number10.jpg (1 of 1)-321I went on a little adventure to the Blue Mountains with Mat and James on Sunday. Mat is from NZ, James is from England and I’m from Estonia. Pretty international group haha! So cool to hang out with people from all around the world. No photos of me this time as I was the one behind the camera, but maybe it’s good for change 🙂

We rented a car and drove there to explore. It was so beautiful! I love going on adventures, we took the off-road and literally walked along a waterfall until we made it to the start of the fall (last photo). I had my shoes tied to my bag, walking with my feet in the water and surrounded by this beautiful nature. Haha it’s so funny to do these things with boys, they literally couldn’t stop talking about how they wanted to bungy jump or rock climb the three sisters. I would literally die doing these things!

We also had a picnic with an amazing view, it was such a nice day spent in the nature. I would love to go on an adventure every Sunday or every other Sunday. There are so many amazing places to explore around and in Sydney.

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me after my last post, I was feeling really down and lost but I feel so much better know and I think I actually figured out what I’m going to do. I’ll keep you guys updated ♥︎