Daily life

Just posted this on insta! I was asking my friends if this photo is slutty? hahaha. I mean I’m not the kind of girl to post ‘sexual?’ photos of myself and pretty much never used to post bikini photos but now that I live in Australia, I’m in a bikini most of the time. I’m so used to walking around in a bikini or coming home from the beach and just throwing a cropped t-shirt over my swimwear. So this is more normal to me now, to put it that way.

Anyways I just got home from the gym and I have a boxing class tomorrow morning yay! I’ve gotten some questions about my gym routine now that I use weights, I wanted to test the program first to know if it’s worth recommending but I totally love it now so will make a post about it soon! Bed time for me now, nighty night :-)))