Sunrise @ Bondi beach

Sunrise @Bondi beachIn Sydney I stayed in Bondi and I absolutely fell in love with that place. It’s so laid back, people walk barefoot with their surfboards in their hands, healthy cafes everywhere – acai bowls, smoothies, banana pancakes. Everyone has a dog. Everyone works out. Ahh such good vibes! Definitely a place where I could live in the future. Anyway one morning we decided to get up at 5AM (it was hard to get up haha, I love sleeping) but it was soo worth it!! Look at how beautiful the sunset was, surfers were going in to the water to catch the first waves of the day, people were walking their dogs, cafes were opening up. I love waking up early and literally seeing the world wake up. After the sunrise we went to a cafe nearby to have some brekky. It was a great morning ????