Daily life

5 random facts about me

I thought I would post something different today so here are 5 random facts about me:

  1. I have a dog named Ringo and I’m obsessed with him haha. I got him for my 16th birthday as a present from my mom, he was only 6 months old then, now he’s 6 years old but his energy is incredible, people still ask me if he’s a puppy. He’s so naughty but I love him with all of my heart 🙂 he loves coming along everywhere so I often take him with me whehter I’m going to a cafe or grocery shopping.
  2. For me it hurts like HELL to hiccup, my boyfriend always says that I’m so weird and probably the only person who has pain hiccuping but oh my, literally my whole body hurts when it happens. Please tell me I’m not the only one haha?
  3. I’m half Italian and half Estonian, my father is from Italy and mother is Estonian. I have lived in Estonia all of my life but I used to visit my relatives in Italy about 6 times a year, until I got into that age when I only cared about hanging out with my friends. So until summer 2016 I had not visited my family there for about 4-5 years and within that time both of my grandparents passed away (I didn’t even know that my grandma was sick!?) and a close family friend as well. Everyone else has moved to New Zealand and my aunt and her family visit Italy only in the summer. I have so many amazing childhood memories from there, I spent all my summers playing at the beach with my brothers. So much has changed with time and it makes me so sad.
  4. I have three brothers, two of them are half brothers. They are 19, 22 and 35.
  5. Traveling makes me so incredibly happy and when I haven’t traveled in a while I start feeling restless, weather affects me a lot as well, it’s getting so cold here in Estonia that the only thing I’m dreaming about is palm trees. One thing holding me back though is my selfie spot (yes you can laugh) but I’m finally happy with my Instagram photos, my photos often get reposted to accounts with more than 8million!?!? followers (that’s so crazy and makes me so freaking happy) and If I would go to Australia I would have to change my feed, probably to a more tropical one. What do you think, would it be a good or a bad thing? I would of course keep posting outfits and so on but probably not mirror selfies. And don’t think I’m weird, my Instagram feed is important to me okay haha