5 from this week

  1. There’s tinder for girls. Yep! And it’s called Vina. I do have some friends over here who I met the last time I was here (8 months ago) and they are all amazing, but they are all guys. I was seriously missing girl time so much and it made me google if there’s a Tinder for girlfriends out there, just to make some girl friends, and there is! So I signed up to the app, I didn’t really expect anything but the next thing I know I’m at the beach with the sweetest girl Lauren. She just got here from the UK and doesn’t know anyone. She has modelled for Asos and Boohoo and is beautiful inside out. Will definitely hang out with her a lot. This app is the best thing ever haha
  2. When I went to buy an opal card (the one you use for public transport here) the guy sold me a youth card which is meant for kids under 15 hahaha. I know I look young but do I look THAT young!? Anyways, that opal card is the best thing that has happened to me. It’s so much cheaper to travel around using that one and I’m holding onto it for my life. Earlier this week I was on the train on my way home, I only had 1 more stop to go until I saw that the controllers came on. I was so scared that they will take my opal card away that I left and waited for a new train for 15 minutes. So worth it though haha
  3. I was plucking some hairs out of my nose, I don’t usually do that but noticed that I have a few hairs that you can kind of see, so I started plucking them out and while I was doing that every time I pulled a hair out I sneezed. Imagine that in front of a mirror. I even made myself laugh
  4. I moved into my friend’s Mitch’s room, who is currently in Sri Lanka. I can stay here for 2,5 weeks, but one of the girls who also lives here said that she’s planning to move out and FINGERS CROSSED I’ll get her room!! This place is so nice, huge with 6 bedrooms and in north Bondi, super close to the beach.
  5. As I live suuper close to the beach now, I’ve tried to be like a local and walk barefoot to the beach…but I’ve completely burnt my feet and I have blisters on the soles of my feet. Not cool Lucy. I should buy flip flops, I only have sneakers. I literally forgot to bring flip flops to Australia!?!?