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May 2017

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    Monday so far

     1. Trying on some outfits at Zara. I love this outfit. I’ve never had a white leather jacket before, I think it looks so cool and different /

    2. Printing out some Instagram photos, my feed looked so cool on that screen haha! /

    3. The result /

    4. My best friend/ flatmate/ photographer ♥



       Jumpsuit – Dollygirlfashion / Bag – Zara / Shirt – Zara / Shoes – Nastygal

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    You guys have no idea how cold it was when we took these photos. These are taken after we left the show when I was freezing so we only shot for a few minutes. I really like this outfit though, this jumpsuit is my new fave! Today we drove around with Marleen and took photos in different locations, I think they turned out really good. I’ll show you the result tomorrow 🙂

    Today I asked on my Insta stories which Instagram feed you guys like more (the previous one or the one I have now) pretty much everyone said that they like the new feed better which made me so happy 🙂 and seriously all the love and support I got. Omg. So freaking happy. I love you guys, thank you to everyone who messaged me you made my day!

    I think I’ll either close down my computer now or do some online shopping. Difficult decision haha. My Paypal account was blocked for over a month and they just emailed me that they have now restored the access to my account so I can use it again! Parteyy. Have a good Sunday night you guys! x

    Daily life

    ERKI fashion show

     With my girl ofc!

    Hey guys! We thought that we’ll go out for lunch and then super spontaneously ended up at this fashion show! It was really nice though, I actually haven’t been to a lot of fashion shows so it was a great expreience. But who the hell makes a fashion show outside if it’s 13 degrees? I was freezing so we left a bit early.

    I wore a jumpsuit from Dollygirlfashion, I’ll post the full look later! 🙂

    Daily life

    Make up talk

    Make up goals



    I think make up is one of the things that I spend the least money on. I only buy a new item when I run out of something, which is barely ever (I just ran out of my foundation though, so I need to get a new one). I think I spend max €50 per year on make up. I’ve used the same products for the past years. And my make up always looks the same, no matter if it’s daytime or night/party. Oh and I have no idea how to do my eyes haha so that’s something I never do. Not to mention eye liner, I’ve never even tried it. I do know how to contour my cheeks though (at least I think so) and I’ve used my Anastasia contour kit for three years now and it’s still half full. Also I loose all my lipsticks, not a single lipstick has lasted me more than three months. I’ve bought mac pure zen lipstick twice (and I think I’m going to get it for the third time) and lost it both times. I haven’t had a single lipstick for months, since I lost my Mac one in Australia. Might be time to get one haha and I think that it might be time to invest a bit more into makeup. Although I hate spending money on makeup and I’d rather buy clothes but I just wish I could do my make up in a way that you could actually see it on photos, like on the photos above. In my case, no matter how much make up I put on on the photo it still looks like nothing. And I want to learn how to do my eyes and how to put false lashes on, so my party make up would actually look a bit different than my daytime look 🙂 okay I really feel like watching a makeup tutorial on youtube now haha!