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April 2017


    Sneak peek

    Hey guys! I spent today shooting photos with Marleen. Here’s a little sneak peek of one of the outfits, I will post more soon! 🙂 after shooting we ordered some takeaway and just chilled. Right now I’m in my PJ’s on the couch editing some photos but I’m super tired so going to close down the computer now and go to bed. And listen to my new audiobook 🙂 I’m subscribed to Audible so I get to choose 1 audiobook per month, I think it’s great because otherwise I wouldn’t read books at all but that motivates me to read (listen) to at least one book a month. I love books, the knowledge and the positive inspired feeling I get after reading but I find it so hard to get into the habit of reading/listening to books. But I’m trying! The book I chose this month is called ‘The universe has your back’ and I LOVE it already. I love these kind of self-help-motivating books. Good night everyone! x


    Summer sneaker inspo


    From left to right: 1. here /2.  here/ 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here/ 7. here/ 8. here / 9. Sold out / 10. here / 11. here


    Hey guys! I was looking around on Asos today and found so many cool sneakers so I thought I’d make a little spring/summer sneaker inspo post! As you can see I love white or pastel sneakers, I’m not really into too colorful shoes, I bought a pair of bright pink Adidas superstars a while ago and I think I’ve worn them twice haha, so from now on I mostly stick to neutral tones. I think these are super easy to match and I have so many outfits on my mind already, nice sneakers can make even the simplest outfit look super cute – tanned skin, levi’s shorts, a crop top and one of these sneakers above. Yes girl! I’m definitely a sneaker girl. I have soo many sneakers and like 4 pairs of heels that I wear. I think two things that I have the most of are jackets and sneakers.
    By the way I saw @Skopljak yesterday! At first I saw that she went to eat to my father’s restaurant with her boyfriend but I couldn’t go there at that time. Later I went to buy some snacks and saw them in the store and I gave her a big hug, she was so nice ♥︎ I think it’s so cool to meet people from social media in real life ???? Time for bed now! Goodnight xx





    Our two hour hike up to the mountains 

    The hike was super fun, at first it was really hard but then we put on some music and danced our way up 😉 always nice when you have good company, I miss these guys so much!

    I just woke up so I’m still in bed, going to make some breakfast now and then we are going to check out some shops with Marleen. We need to find some outfits for photoshoots for me and also for her brother. Should be fun! Shopping is always fun haha. Have a good Sunday guys xx


    Adidas x fishnet

    Adidas  top / Topshop jeans / Mesh tights from Catsgotthecream / Vans shoes

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! Here’s what I wore yesterday + my Canada Goose polar jacket on top ofc. I’m so freaking tired of wearing that jacket but it’s just so cold that I can’t wear anything else. I just can’t wait till the day I can finally put it away! I’m honestly so tired of it haha. It’s so gloomy outside today, I’m just having my brekkie right now and then I might go to Haapsalu, my mom has an apartment by the sea there and it’s super nice and relaxing to go there sometimes. So we’ll see! Btw do you like the outfit? What do you think about the fishnet trend? I think it’s super nice, I saw some cool fishnet tops on Asos as well…might have to order 😉 have a good day everyone x