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April 2017

    Daily life

    Coffee stop

    Hey guys! We planned to shoot outfit photos with Marleen today but the moment we got to our location it started raining. So we went to this cute cafe, bought ice cream and coffee and waited for the rain to go away 🙂 so cozy and my ice cream was delicious! I’ve been hanging out at Marleen’s work place the whole evening, she works in a super cozy restaurant and it’s so nice to just drink tea and edit photos here. She’s probably going to finish soon and then we’re going home. Feels good to be back!

    Daily life


    Hey guys! Some photos of my mom’s place in Haapsalu 🙂 I love the vibe and all the small details. Unfortunately we are selling the place soon, we come here once or twicea year the most, the rest of the time it’s rented out or stays empty. So there isn’t really any point to keep it. But we will sell after summer so I’m definitely going to come here a lot during summer! Btw I just discovered that I forgot to take photos of the bedroom, oh well haha.

    I’m sitting on the bus now on my way home, I’m going to fall asleep as soon as I finish this post. I always get so sleepy on the bus and I have a workout date planned with Marleen as soon as I get home so I need some energy! 😉 Talk to you later! x

    Daily life

    Spa night

    Spa time! My bikini is from MissguidedIt was so nice to see the sunset from the pool. I also did a little workout before that – I swam 8 laps and ran 10 laps. It wasn’t a huge pool but good enough for a little workout 🙂I love infused water. It could be infused with anything – lemon, berries, carrot, cabbage haha I don’t care. I think it’s so yum!Then it was time to go home ..… to this one sleeping in my suitcase ♥︎

    Hey guys! A few photos from yesterday’s spa trip. It was super cozy 🙂 I’ve never posted photos from my phone before but I think it’s nice and more personal so I’ll try to do it once in a while. It’s raining here today, we went for breakfast this morning and I had a whole grain pancake with peanut butter, banana and agave syrup it was heaven haha. Now I’m just blogging in bed, later in the evening we are going to a restaurant and then to a flamenco concert!? No idea my mom bought the tickets haha. Have a good day everyone! x


    Red sweats

           Pants – h&m / Shirt – Adidas / Jacket – Zara / Shoes – Public Desire

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! So sorry for posting so late today, I had planned to blog on the bus but I fell asleep haha. I came to Haapsalu this morning, I got off the bus, put my stuff away and went straight to massage .. it was so nice! 🙂 It’s super relaxing to be here, I’ll take some photos for you guys tomorrow you can see what I’m talking about. And I was so excited to see my dog again haha I missed him so much. Anyways we are going a Spa now, I haven’t worked out yet today so I’m thinking about doing a little swimming/cardio session in the pool. Btw what do you think about these photos? We had white balance on the wrong setting so all the photos are super blue, which isn’t really my style. I tried my best to edit it away, but they’re still blue. Looking at the pictures now I kinda like it though, I don’t know haha. I guess it’s nice to have different style photos once in a while, right? Okay gotta go now, talk to you later! xx