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March 2017


    Na-kd x Vanessa Moe


    Na-kd vanessa moe


    Bandeau here / Black loose tank here / Offshoulder sweater here / Strappy dress here
    Guys you can get 20% off your order at na-kd with the code Lucygrasso20, the code is valid for only 48 hours!
    Na-kd was kind enough to send me these items from Vanessa Moe’s new collection. I’m absolutely obsessed with the collection, this is one of the best na-kd collaboration collections I’ve seen. I think the black tank would look so good with a crystal bra underneath, the dress is perfect for a night out and I love the neckline, the white bandeau and sweater would look good in the summer with high waisted jeans and a tan! All the items are very good quality as well and I think the prices are really good too. I will be doing a little haul on and showing these items on my Instagram story later tonight so keep an eye out for that! 
    Sorry for not blogging the past days by the way, I’ve had the worst headache for three days straight. And every time I opened my computer it got worse. Today is the first day I feel better, so I have to go to the bank and open a bank account for my new company, excitiing! I have to buy a new Iphone as well, I actually don’t want to and I thought I would wait until the Iphone 8 is out, but my phone’s camera is so shit lately (probably because I’ve dropped my phone every single day) so I need a new one for Instagram photos. 
    Have a good day everyone! x
    Daily life

    Good morning

      This is how my morning started today! Well, almost.. I had to cook my own breakfast and I had my dog sitting in my lap instead of Ralphy, but close enough 🙂 these photos are from one morning in Sydney, I miss Ralphy and Christine and that apartment in Bondi!

    I’m happy I’m in Estonia though, the feeling of ‘I don’t belong here anymore’ is gone, I feel that right now I’m exactly where I need to be and I have so many exciting things planned for the future. I answered a bunch of emails again this morning (I feel like I always write this) but seriously if you’re a blogger you get so many emails, I think it’s super fun though – I love going through my mail every morning hehe. I’ll finish off this blog post now and head to the gym. I started my membership again this morning, so today I’m going to do cardio (45min of speed walking) and I will listen to an audiobook while I’m at it. I find it a bit hard to find time to listen to audiobooks, but I think gym will be perfect for that. I’m listening to The Four Hour Work Week right now, it’s so inspiring!