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February 2017


    New in from Asos


    New in from Asos


    Suede cap here / Metallic jacket here / Lace up sweatshirt here / Adidas bomber here / Adidas crop here
    Hey guys! Here’s some stuff I ordered from Asos. I received the package a few days ago and everything fits perfectly which I’m not very happy about haha. I hoped to return something to save a bit but now I’m in love with everything, not good. I honestly can not wait until it gets warmer and I can wear these jackets out. Hurry up summer I’m waiting for ya!
    I started this morning with my favourite breakfast (greek yogurt blended with banana + dates on top and a matcha latte) and answering emails + picking out clothes that I love from different brands. One year ago I would’ve never ever thought that one day I could just pick out clothes for free online and brands would send the clothes to me. Sometimes they even pay me for picking out clothes and posting photos wearing them. Dreamy right haha? I’m so happy that I’ve come this far within such a short amount of time. Dreams do come true if you work for them ♥


    Daily life

    Fluffy jacket


    Jacket – American Dreams / Jeans – Topshop / Top – Zara / Sneakers – Adidas / Bag bought from Dubai

    Hey guys! Little outfit post for today. I love fluffy jackets, I want to buy one in black as well! 🙂 Today has been super relaxed, it’s the Restoration of Independence day here in Estonia so I went to see the parade in the morning but it was way too cold outside so I lasted about 5 minutes until I decided to continue watching it at home on tv. Now the fire place is burning; cheese, crackers, grapes and chocolate is on the table and I’m ready to watch the independence day reception on tv. We do this every year with my mom. Traditions ♥

    Have a lovely evening everyone! x


    New in from Zara


    My mom wanted to check out some shops yesterday.. and I was the only one who ended up buying something haha. I love everything I got though! I’m not really a skirt kinda girl but I fell in love with that skirt, I might wear that look on the second picture for my moms birthday this Saturday. I also want to wear the skirt with a chunky knit and black ankle boots. The lace up top just seemed cool haha, I love the lace up trend. And the blue knit – couldn’t resist the colour + it’s cropped!

    Today was such a busy day again, but I love busy and productive days. Can’t believe my business is actually coming to life! Or at least I hope it will, it’s not an easy journey until the final perfect product but it will be so worth it 🙂 It’s something I personally want, like and need but couldn’t find anywhere. So I decided to create it myself! You guys will find out soon 🙂

    I just came home from the movies, I went to see the new fifty shades darker movie with my mom. It was great! So tired now so I’m off to bed, have a lovely night everyone x

    Daily life


    number10.jpg (1 of 1)-369   number10.jpg (1 of 1)-372Hey guys! Some photos from yesterday. I had a great day, I woke up at 4am because of jet lag and I was so productive. First I did some business research & answered lots of emails, I really want to create my own company and when it’s all done you guys will be first to know what it’s all about! I promise 😉  then I went for a yoga class with my mom, then I had matcha latte (oh my god I missed matcha so much, it gives me so much energy) *I’m actually drinking matcha right now as well while writing this post, here’s a tea shop right on my street and they make delicious matcha and I always have such a productive day when I have matcha. After the yoga class I cleaned the whole huge ass apartment, then I had a shower and walked my dog to the sushi place to pick up the sushi for the night. Then I washed my dog. And then my babe Kristiina came over with her baby for lots of girl talk ♥

    I once heard about a business man who wakes up every morning at 4am and goes to bed at 9pm. And I thought that’s waay to early. But after yesterday I really want to wake up at 4 every morning. I love being productive. What do you guys think will I manage?

    Today’s plans:

    Take Instagram photos for god’s sake just do it already! I’m afraid that it’s too dark though, because it’s not as light outside as it was in the summer so I might have to buy a new studio light. Lunch with mom. More business research. Meet up with a friend?

    Have a good day everyone! x