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January 2017

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    My grocery shopping list

    Hey guys! I just went grocery shopping and I thought I’d list all the items that I bought here. You get to know the person better if you look into their fridge, right? Haha let’s do this:



    Frozen berries (for smoothies)






    Lemon (to make lemon water)

    Organic Wraps




    Green beans


    Sweet potato


    Almond milk


    Cottage cheese


    Greek Yogurt

    Strawberry Jam (no sugar)

    Smoked salmon (for wraps and salads)

    Small pack of eggs



    I think that’s all! I don’t eat much diary, just cottage cheese in wraps and almond milk with my morning cereal. I’ve never liked milk so almond milk is the way to go for me. I usually have a smoothie or cereal in the morning, a fruit salad or a wrap for lunch and if I’m hungry in the evening I’ll roast some sweet potato and pumpkin in the oven, with quinoa and beans on the side. Although I try not to eat a lot in the evenings so sometimes I just have a big lunch and something small for dinner like a watermelon. I snack fruits through the day and I’f I’m hungry I’ll make a smoothie. This is pretty much how I’ve been eating here the whole time 🙂 it will definitely change when I go back to Estonia as we don’t have a lot of fresh fruit over there but we’ll see.

    Hope you all are having an awesome day! xo




    Skinny jeans and ankle boots & what did I do for New years

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-251dsc_9834dsc_9756-1number10-jpg-1-of-1-250dsc_9689Jeans – Topshop / Jacket & sweater & shoes & bag – Zara (gotta love Zara haha)

    Here’s an outfit we shot back home, I love wearing skinny jeans with ankle boots and throwing on a nice jacket to finish off the look. Super easy and stylish. Photos by: Marko Mäestjärv

    Hey guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’ve been away from social media a bit, I just forgot about everything I had to do and partied my life away haha. No but seriously I think I needed it, I’m always so worried about stuff, like no I can’t come out I have to do a blog post or nope I have to shoot Instagram photos in the morning, I have ALWAYS put my social media/blog first, so I decided to take it easy and not to worry about it and oh I had fun. The last time I partied like that was when I was 17. When I turned 18 I kind of gave up partying, started focusing on school & my carreer and went out maybe twice a year.

    So what I have been doing? Christmas parties, beach BBQ-s, the craziest house parties, meeting so many new people and just enjoying life in general. Back home Christmas means quiet family time but here it means party party party haha. On New Years Eve I went to a friend’s garden party with Marleen, after that we Ubered to a house party, then went to our neighbours place and eventually ended up at the same garden party where we started. I had no shoes and no home keys. In the morning we discovered that I had left the keys in front of our door hahaha.

    Aussies tend to celebrate even more on New Years day (on the 1st) so our neighbours from upstairs threw the craziest party just in front of our house, it was like 12am in the morning and they were partying like crazy again. Eventually there was like 30 people in front of the house, partying, playing basketball, dancing. The cops showed up at 9pm so we had to shut down the party, it was fun though! The next day we played basketball with some friends, the one who lost had to buy pizza and it was Marleen haha, thanks for the pizza babe! We picked up the pizza and watched a movie all together.

    Yesterday we had a nice dinner with the neighbours and today Marleen left for Griffith and I moved out. God I’m gonna miss the crazy neighbours and the apartment we lived in and all the good times there. Amazing memories. I moved just to the other side of Bondi though, so it’s just 5 minute ride from that place. On the good note I moved in with Ralphy (the cutest Cavoodle puppy you might saw in one of my pervious posts).

    I’m so excited to get my life back together now haha. I’m finishing off this blog post, then I’m off to do grocery shopping and then it’s time to shoot some Instagram photos. I will feel so awkward shooting with my tripod outside but oh well gotta do what u gotta do. Oh also I picked up some mail today and I received super cool boots from Public Desire, I might show you them later! Sorry for being so chatty today haha felt like talking about everything. I guess it’s a good think that I have a blog 😉 okay I’ll go now! x