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December 2016

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    number10-jpg-1-of-1-86Hey guys! I haven’t been updating much lately, we had to move out from our apartment on Friday (we only booked it for 8 days) but we had not found a new place yet, so we took a hotel in the city and spent the weekend there celebrating Marleen’s birthday, it was so much fun! We went clubbing on Saturday and ended up at a pool party on Sunday, Marleen took some photos there so I might do a post about it if I find a few decent photos haha. There was no internet in the hotel though so that’s why I couldn’t update. Anyways being homeless sucks, we were planning to move into a new place today but suddenly I got a message that the place isn’t available anymore. So here we are, crashing on our friends sofa for the night, but I guess that’s a part of traveling, things like these happen and you just gotta take it easy. Life is an adventure 🙂 Anyways we just found a new place, it’s a bit more expensive than what we wanted to pay but it’s in Bondi, in the same building where we lived before. Bondi is my favourite place in the world so it’s worth it 🙂

    I’m going to bed now, can’t wait to move into that new place tomorrow and get my life together haha.