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December 2016

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    Couch potato & lip update

    photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51 photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51-2Helloo from a couch potato! I’ve been so lazy today but I guess it’s because I went out last night and got home at 5 am haha, but it was so much fun, I even had a glass of wine 😉 Anyways today has consisted of a gossip girl marathon followed by a little walk down at the beach, super lazy day but after all that’s what Sundays are for right?

    Anyways yesterday marked 2 weeks since I got my lips done which means that they are completely healed now! Don’t mind my no-make-up-super-sad-face on the second photo but I wanted to show you how my lips look like without smiling etc. I’m super happy with the result, it looks so natural that if I tell people that I’ve gotten my lips done everyone says that they would’ve never guessed it and that’s exactly what I wanted. It’s such a good feeling when you have thought about doing something for a really long time, finally do it and then you’re super happy with it – that’s exactly how I feel. I haven’t told my mom that I got mine done, but I’m 100% sure that when I go home she won’t even notice hahaha. Anyways as I already said I am super happy I did it, the difference is quite minimal but it’s everything I wanted. I got 1ml for everyone asking 🙂



    number10-jpg-1-of-1-142number10-jpg-1-of-1-145number10-jpg-1-of-1-137number10-jpg-1-of-1-139Jumpsuit – Pretty Little Thing / Denim vest – Factorie / Scarf – Zara / Bag – accessorize / Shoes – Nike

    Hey guys! Here’s a look we shot in Brisbane, I totally forgot to post it! Anyways this jumpsuit is from PLT, do you like it? I think it looks so different and cool, I probably should’ve got one size smaller but whatever 🙂 I ruined these sneakers though, I only got to wear them twice, I stained them a bit so I washed them on Friday and since we moved to the city for the weekend I put the shoes into a plastic bag and the bag coloured the shoes and the stains won’t come off 🙁 that sucks so much!

    It’s time for a gossip girl marathon now, we started watching it all over again earlier this week, totally addicted again haha! Have a nice Friday evening everyone! x


    Pool party

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApicmonkey-collage1




    Some photos from the pool party we went to on Sunday! It was so much fun, we met so many cool people and just had an awesome time. There were about 30 people from many different countries, one of the best things about traveling is definitely meeting new people!

    Today I sat behind the computer editing photos/answering emails until 4pm and then went down to the beach, I just laid there and listened to music. How amazing is that the beach is literally a 5 minute walk away so I can go down there whenever I feel like it. Anyways I think I’m going to bed soon, I’m so tired. We met up with a friend last night and just sat by the beach and talked about life until 4am so I got home quite late haha. But it was so nice, I love these kinds of nights!





    Sunrise in Bondi beach

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-76number10-jpg-1-of-1-70number10-jpg-1-of-1-78number10-jpg-1-of-1-80number10-jpg-1-of-1-96number10-jpg-1-of-1-71number10-jpg-1-of-1-92number10-jpg-1-of-1-97number10-jpg-1-of-1-98Hey guys! Here are some photos from the day when we woke up at 5am and went to see the sunrise, we took some photos there, enjoyed the view and then had breakfast at a cafe nearby. People wake up so early here, it was 5.30 am and Bondi was already super busy, people were working out, walking their dogs or doing a yoga session at the beach (I want to do that before I leave!). I love the lifestyle here so much, I can’t even think about the fact that I will be leaving in 2 months.

    Btw do you guys remember that a post about sunrise in Bondi beach was one of my first blog posts ever!? How crazy is that, you can see the post here, I just had a look at that post, I’m so happy that my photos and editing skills have gotten so much better, I work so hard on my photos so this makes me really happy 🙂 I love seeing progress, it motivates me so much!

    Anyways we have a home now! As I said we are living in the same building as before, just a few levels up. I can’t thank the lady enough who’s apartment we used to live in before, I feel like she’s my second mother here. She always helps me out, she helped us find the place where we live now. I lived at her place the last time I was here as well (in April) but I forgot a few things behind when I left, so when I came back this time everything was waiting for me in my room. I felt so at home immediately 🙂 And today I went through her place to pick up the packages, I did quite a lot of online shopping last week and everything arrived over the weekend while I was in the city so she collected all my deliveries and placed them under the christmas tree ♥