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December 2016


    Instagram outfits

    img_3968img_3977img_4629img_4652Hey guys! Here are some outfits I’ve posted to Instagram 🙂 Do you have a favourite? I love all the looks, couldn’t even choose a fave hehe. I’m obsessed with ripped jeans and these Vans shoes are my new faves!

    Anyways I had such a good weekend, I got home like 9am on Sunday morning and spent the whole day catching up on sleep, but it was so worth it. You know that feeling when you go out and just have an awesome night? That was my Saturday. We started with a dinner in Darling Harbour (ended up not going to the Opera bar, next time!) and then we went to Ivy, that’s the only club I want to go to from now no but the ticket is like 40 bucks. It was so worth it though, so happy to share these awesome times with my best friend

    Btw I just remembered that it’s Christmas in 5 days how crazy is that!? I’m not sure if I have a Christmas feeling, but I love experiencing different things so I’m actually really happy about spending this Christmas here in Australia, there are so many Christmas eve’s ahead that I can spend with my family and eat lots of home-cooked food so this one is going to be different, and I’m excited about it 🙂


    Party outfit

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-184number10-jpg-1-of-1-188number10-jpg-1-of-1-187Playsuit – Black swallow boutique / Jacket – Topshop / Heels – Public Desire

    Hey guys! I wore this outfit for a night out in Brisbane, I feel that it definitely isn’t a regular “me outfit”, looking at these photos I feel like this playsuit is too girly for my style, but at the same time it’s super cute and it’s cool to come out from the comfort zone once in a while. That night ended by the pool, Marleen has this weird thing that whenever it’s possible she always has to go for a swim after the party, crazy girl.

    About partying – we are going out tomorrow! We are thinking about having dinner and a glass of wine at the Opera bar (google it, it looks amazing) and then we are going to Ivy (it’s a club that has 5 floors and also a rooftop pool). I’m so excited, I hope that night won’t end with swimming in that rooftop pool though haha. We are doing movie night tonight, we both feel like watching movies until it’s super late and then sleeping in tomorrow morning and just taking it easy until the evening 🙂 I hope you all are having an awesome weekend, talk to you tomorrow! x

    Daily life

    Random facts about me

    1. I can’t remember peoples faces. Like for example, if I’m told to find the person who was standing right next to me on a photo given to me, then it’s absolutely impossible for me to point out that person on that photo, assuming that all the people on the photo have their hair and skin tone in the same color.

    Or when I was shopping (a few days ago) a sweet lady asked me if I’d like her to take some clothes to the changing room for me and I said yeah sure. 5 minutes later I had grabbed some more clothes and someone else (or was it the same person!?!?) came to me asking if I’d like her to take the items to the changing room and I said that someone already took a few of my items there so I already have a changing room sorted out and that she can take the items to the same changing room. She gave me the weirdest look ever so I realised that it was probably the same person but I couldn’t remember that. OH MY GOD I just googled it and it’s actually a thing – it’s called face blindness. Haha what the hell I honestly had no idea that it was an actual thing.

    I also have a hard time recognizing people in movies, I’m like wait is it the same person who we already saw or is it someone else?! If you watch a movie with me then I would probably ask that a few times from you during the movie 😉

    I could never draw a persons face unless I’ve seen the person at least 20 times. I could draw my best friend or my mother, but not the person who I met yesterday as I barely remember that persons face.

    2. I have a bad memory (kind of related to the first one) but I’ve always had a bad memory, if you ask me what I did yesterday then I have to think about it for at least 5 minutes until I finally remember what I did

    3. I have 26 024 photos on my camera roll

    4. My phone is ALWAYS at 1%

    5. I eat super healthy and I barely crave unhealthy food because of all the nasty stuff that’s in there. I’m always shopping at the healthy food counters 😉 maybe I should write my grocery list here so you guys would get an idea of what I usually eat? I’ve seen it on some blogs, seems like a cool thing!

    6. I’m always late. Even if I start getting ready 4 hours before I have to go out, I will still be late

    7. I find it easier to talk to guys. And like, I find it easier to make friends with a guy rather than with a girl. I guess it’s because I’ve grown up with boys (three brothers), I just feel that girls can be super bitchy and I’m scared to talk to girls but guys are like super chill and not bitchy at all haha so they are easier to talk to if you get what I mean

    That’s all I could think of right now. Now it’s movie time, Marleen is sick so we are just cozying up in bed and watching ‘How to be single’ I’ve seen it before but I think it’s such a good and funny movie 🙂





    Morning walk

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-151number10-jpg-1-of-1-157number10-jpg-1-of-1-159Hey guys! I tried to make this post last night but the photos didn’t upload so I’m trying again this morning. Anyways we had such a nice morning walk yesterday! We took Christine’s (the lady who lives downstairs) dog Ralphy and went for a coastal walk, Ralphy is so freaking cute I can not deal haha, such a sweetheart. It was a bit too hot to walk though so we ended up sitting in the shadow and just enjoying the view. It’s super hot today as well, 36 degrees and 37 tomorrow so crazy haha. But it’s just a heatwave and will pass, I just checked the weather forecast and after tomorrow it will cool down and go back to 21-23 degrees.

    Now it’s time to go to the beach and jump in to the water! x