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December 2016


    The rebel

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-236number10-jpg-1-of-1-238number10-jpg-1-of-1-239number10-jpg-1-of-1-242Jeans – Topshop / Slides – Lasula boutique / Sweater – Calvin Klein / Bag – House of Tindale

    Hey guys! This was the outfit I wore yesterday evening. I love it that here you can wear shorts & crop tops during daytime and jeans & sweaters in the evenings. I get really bored with outfits if I can either only wear short clothes or only long ones. And how nice is the bag I’m wearing!? I’m doing a little collaboration with House of Tindale and the reason I said yes to it is that I just absolutely love what the brand stands for:

    “At House of Tindale, we’re not interested in selling you a bag that you buy out of fear of not being part of the cool crowd. You are and always have been cool on your own, and we want to offer you a truer expression of everything that makes you epic.”

    Their bags are divided into four categories: the rebel, the goddess, the rockstar and the boss bitch. Which one are you? 😉 The first bag I chose is Rebel as it is totally what I stand for – doing things my way, breaking the rules and being true to myself.

    “For a Rebel, originality and self-expression are the ultimate goals. She lives her best life when she’s taking risks, standing out, doing something different, and revealing in the wonder and admiration of the people around her who sigh, I wish I could be as bold as you.

    Rebels don’t wish. They make it happen.”

    I’m amazed by the quality of the bag, their bags are a bit more pricey but they last a really long time so I’d say It’s totally worth it. I can’t stop wearing mine!

    Next time I’ll show you a bag from the goddess range! x


    Throwback post

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-13I think this was my first day back in Australia! Haha some people that we had met the last time here have said that I can’t believe you guys are back already it felt like you didn’t even leave. Well if you visit such an Awesome country you just want to go back right away 😉number10-jpg-1-of-1-6Morning workout with a view in Hong Kong. Seriously the best hotel (hotel Icon) I’ve ever stayed at. I want to go back! Maybe I’ll do a quick layover there on my way back home? 🙂number10-jpg-1-of-1-13-copyA workout by the river in Brisbane. Ahh I’ve been slacking so much with workouts recently, I had a really good routine but then I got sick and when I finally felt good enough to start working out again I got sick again. I just can’t understand if there’s something in the water that makes me sick or is it just because the water is cold!? Every single time I go into the water I’m sick the next daynumber10-jpg-1-of-1-88 Did a road trip with a few Estonian pals, we stopped at many lookout spots like this one!number10-jpg-1-of-1-99Food market in Brisbane – I really want to go to a market like this here in Sydney as well, it was so nice to walk around, check out small shops, listen to music and snack on some good foodnumber10-jpg-1-of-1-229I can’t believe she is leaving me in 4 days!?!?!? She is going to work in a winery about 6 hours from Sydney. At first I thought I’ll go home when she leaves, but I really don’t feel like going so I will just stay here and enjoy the beach life. We’ve met so many people here so I’m sure it’s going to be alright and I won’t be bored being alone here but damn I’ll miss her so much. I love my best friend ♥︎

    Heey guys! Since I can’t upload any new photos to my blog I thought I’d do a little throwback post of this trip. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my blog  but I emailed the girl who made my site so I’m sure she will fix it soon. But so far I hope this is good 🙂 We went to a little gig last night, which was so good and then just chilled by the beach with some friends. Now I just had a shower and we’ll have some friends over soon so I’ll better start getting ready, I’m still sick but I don’t want to stay in so I’m just trying to not think about it, I hope it works out haha. Gotta go! xo


    Boxing day

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-216number10-jpg-1-of-1-221number10-jpg-1-of-1-219number10-jpg-1-of-1-213number10-jpg-1-of-1-214It was Boxing day today which means shopping day! Boxing day is the day after Christmas and it’s a huge shopping day here, all the shops have big sales. Although I probably had like a 39C fever I still didn’t want to miss out on the sales! But the reality was that I only made it to three shops until I felt like I was going to die so we bought some food and went home. I get sick every single time I go swimming it’s the most annoying thing in the world, I just wonder whyyy

    I had a super nice day yesterday though, it was Christmas here (Aussies celebrate on the 25th) so I went to the beach in the morning and had a swim and just jumped into the waves. I completely burnt my feet and broke my phone – but it was still an awesome day! I thought that it’s the perfect idea to walk the beach barefoot, I live like 5 minutes from the beach but since it was midday already the asphalt was so freaking hot so now I have huge blisters on my feet. Then I went into the water and thought that it’s the perfect idea to take my phone with me so I can take a Snapchat and now my speaker doesn’t work anymore.

    The beach was totally packed though and pretty much everyone was wearing a santa hat haha it was so cool! I was so happy to take a part of the Christmas celebrations at the beach. Later we had sushi on the grass with Marleen, then bought huge ice creams and went for a quick swim again. I just can not say that enough that I’m so freaking happy to be here, can’t even think about leaving. I’m having the time of my life for sure, I’ve met so many awesome people and everything is just so amazing that I can’t even put it into words. I’m going to bed now, I hope I will feel better tomorrow! I bought Manuka honey (it’s a honey that kills bacteria) and I’ve been putting it in to my tea and I feel so much better already. Talk to you later I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! x




    Merry christmas!

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-192picmonkey-collage10number10-jpg-1-of-1-198number10-jpg-1-of-1-199number10-jpg-1-of-1-207Hey guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! This is how I’ll be spending my Christmas, attending a beach BBQ and surfing – wouldn’t have it any other way. I crossed something off my bucket list yesterday – I tried surfing! It was awesome. I hope you all have an amazing day, either you are celebrating with your family or you are on the other side of the world from them, just enjoy this day and make the best of it 🙂 I’m so happy and excited to celebrate Christmas here, it’s so cool to see how people celebrate it on the other side of the world. I’m off to the xmas BBQ now talk to you later! x