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November 2016

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    Big city life


    Hey guys! We took such a nice walk last night. I love living in the city centre, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. I’m used to that, I have always lived in the centre and I actually feel so safe when there’s a lot of people around. 6 in the evening is the perfect time for a walk, the sun is setting and everything turns pink, such a beautiful view. So crazy to think that I’m on the other side of the world from home, but I feel so at home here. We walked for 2 hours and it felt so good. I will try to do that every day from now on!

    Today has been kind of a chill day, haven’t done much. We are trying to find a car and we need to buy it before we go to the Whitsundays, but we haven’t found the right one yet. Fingers crossed we will find it tomorrow! Then we would put all the unnecessary stuff into the car, fly to the Whitsundays and after that a road trip to Sydney. Sounds good to me 🙂

    I’m going to do a little workout now. I’m on week 5 in the training guides, yay! Talk to you tomorrow x


    Shopping lately

    Shopping lately

     From left to right: Dress with a lace up top here / I’ll be in the vip eating pizza top here / Nike Huarache here / Fenty x Puma sweater here / Lace up corset here / Fenty x Puma boots here / Swimsuit here / Bodysuit here / T-shirt (I ordered 2 sizes bigger and I will be wearing it as a dress) here
    Guys, I have a confession to make, I have been shopping so much lately it’s crazy. I have ordered all the items above + a lot more! Whoops. I never do that, usually if I buy something online I think about it at least 3 days (I’m like, should I order it, what if it doesn’t look that good in real life, is it worth €50, how much does it cost to return it if it doesn’t fit and so on). I’m quite good with money nowadays and I usually don’t spend it on pointless stuff, I used to have my closet full of clothes that still had tags on so I’m trying to avoid that now hehe. But fashion is my biggest passion so obviously I spend the most money on clothing.
    I just couldn’t resist buying all of these items, the swimsuit & I’ll be in the vip eating pizza top will be perfect for the Whitsundays + they were more than 50% off. It’s such a cool brand, on their website you can also design your own swimsuit, like Kourtney Kardashian did here.
    I also couldn’t resist buying Rihanna x Puma sweater and these shoees, I’ve been eyeing these for so long but they were quite expensive ($500) so I never ended up buying them, but now they were on sale so I obviously had to click them home. So happy! It’s too hot to wear them here, but when I’m back in Estonia they will be perfect! 
    Fresh white Nike Huaraches. I love buying a fresh pair of white sneakers, they are just so fresh haha! I will be wearing these a lot. I can imagine so many outfits with these from shorts, jeans to skirts and dresses. My old huaraches look yellow already so it was time for an upgrade!
    The dress with a lace up top, nude jumpsuit, and a Kim K style corset are all from Pretty Little Thing. It was my first time buying from that brand so I hope the quality is good. The prices are super cheap so I’m not really sure what to expect, but their site also has a catwalk video of pretty much every item (I love this feature) and everything looked good on the video. I bought like 10 items from there and paid less than €200. They also have sales quite often, I got 30% off on everything.
    I have not received any of these items yet as I bought everything on Thursday and Friday, the mail man doesn’t work on weekends you know. But I should receive everything on Monday or Tuesday. So excited, I will take a lot of photos hehe! And I kind of hope that everything will not fit so I have to return at least something and get money back haha
    It’s half past eight here so I think I’m going to snuggle up on the couch and maybe watch a movie. And sorry guys for not updating yesterday, I use mobile hotspot to update my blog but it takes so much data and yesterday I ran out of it. I have to figure something better out with that! Talk to you later! x
    Daily life

    Saboskirt ambassador

    picmonkey-collage3 picmonkey-collage4 Some of my photos for Saboskirt

    Hey guys! What do you think, did we wake up at 4am this morning? Nope, haha we didn’t even hear our alarm clocks. And because of that we had to shoot photos in the middle of the day, it was so hot I was sweating my face off. Never. Again. We got home like 10 minutes ago, so now we are drinking ice cold smoothies on the couch and I’m updating my blog.

    Anyways, I have some news for you guys! As probably most of you know, I have been a SaboSkirt ambassador on Instagram for a while now. I still remember the day they DM’d me on Instagram asking if I’d like to become their brand ambassador. I was so freaking happy I literally jumped up and down for a good 10 minutes. It meant so much to me and it still does, it was my first big achievement in this Instagram/blog world. It seemed so crazy and surreal, working with such a big brand, I was like ‘SaboSkirt wants to work with me!?!? I will never forget it. And what it actually meant for me was that hard work really does pay off.

    But I have decided to move on now, their contract is quite restricting and since I am in Australia I want to work with different Australian brands but it’s not possible if I’m signed to Sabo. I’m actually so excited for everything to come and I think it was the right decision, sometimes you have to let go of something in order to move on for the better.

    And I just can not tell you guys enough how happy all this Instagram/blog stuff makes me, it’s like so me, I love everything about it. And you guys are so freaking sweet!! I get so many kind messages from you and it makes me so so happy. I love you all ♥︎


    Riverside workout

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-13-copypicmonkey-collage2number10-jpg-1-of-1-21number10-jpg-1-of-1-20-copynumber10-jpg-1-of-1-28number10-jpg-1-of-1-29Tights – Stronger / Sports bra – Victoria’s Secret / Shoes – Adidas

    Heyy guys! It was a rainy day here yesterday which was nice actually. It has been so hot the past days so a bit of rain felt good. We decided to take the car to riverside and do a little workout there. It’s so beautiful everywhere, even when it’s raining.. I love it 🙂 After the workout we went to West End to get (apparently) the best Acaii bowls in town. I ordered a peanut butter bowl, it was disgusting by the way, haha.

    I’m going to bed now, it’s almost midnight so I’m super tired. We are going to wake up 4am tomorrow to take some photos, determined or what haha! Have a good day/night everyone, Love xx