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November 2016

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    Beach life

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-63 number10-jpg-1-of-1-66 number10-jpg-1-of-1-68Some photos from Noosa

    Swimsuit – Private Party / Mesh top – Factorie

    Hey guys! I’m feeling a lot better today, I finally managed to wake up at 7am and go for a coastal walk. I’ve been wanting to do that every day but I just couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve put alarm my clock on 7am for the past 5 days but every single time snoozed until 12 haha. I love waking up early but it’s so hard for me, I’m not a morning person at all but I’m trying to get into that routine. It’s just so amazing to wake up early, go for a beach walk and then enjoy a good breakfast 🙂

    About my lips: my upper lip is still soo swollen, I have dark blue bruises on and around my lips. And I look like a duck. I’m freaking out, can this swelling go down please, like yesterday. Thank you haha

    We are going shopping with Marleen now, someone has her birthday this weekend so we have to find her an outfit to wear. Gotta go now! x


    Day dress

    dsc_9600-2dsc_9537-2dsc_9583dsc_5881-2Dress – Zara / Jacket – Mango / Sweater – Ivyrevel /Boots – Zara / Bag from a little market in France

    Photos by Marko Mäestjärv

    Hey guys! We shot a few outfits back in Estonia with Marko a few months ago, but as we were both quite busy, I only just now received the final pics. But better late than never right, haha. Here’s the first outfit anyways, do you like it? I love it, I usually never wear day dresses but I fell in love with this one, it’s so easy to wear and so comfortable. I put a cropped sweater over the dress (I love layering) and finished off the look with a denim jacket. I’m obsessed with denim jackets, I have soo many already and I keep buying more, but I think denim jackets literally go with everything and always finish off the look so well.

    I love these ankle boots, I kind of regret that I left them home, I would have loved to wear these here with a pair of shorts or a dress. But I just couldn’t take everything with me. I came here with a completely full suitcase and I’ve been shopping so much that I probably have to go back home with 2 suitcases haha.

    I spent the whole day at the beach with Marleen yesterday, it was soo much fun to jump in the water and just chill and listen to music, but now I feel sick 🙁 the water was quite cold so I have a sore throat now. But I’ll go to bed, try to get some sleep and I hope I will feel better tomorrow. It’s Marleen’s birthday on Saturday so there’s no way I can get sick. Talk to you tomorrow guys! x

    Daily life

    More about my lips

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-32“Should I post this snap?”Naah let’s take a new one!”number10-jpg-1-of-1-33Sneakers of the daynumber10-jpg-1-of-1-28Haha could it be possible to have a bigger smile on my face? I was so happy and excited to finally do it!number10-jpg-1-of-1-29First things first: numbing cream, I got some of that cream on my tongue and it felt so weird hahanumber10-jpg-1-of-1-35Laser clinics Australia – exactly the same place where I wanted to get my lips done the last time. I heard about this place from an Australian Youtuber, did some research and figured that it’s the best place to do it. The girl who did my lips was super nice 🙂number10-jpg-1-of-1-30Minutes before the procedure

    Hey guys! So this is what it looked like yesterday when I got my lips done. The procedure lasted for about 10 minutes, first she put on some numbing cream and a few minutes later she started injecting the filler. I didn’t feel any pain, the filler had a local anaesthetic inside + the numbing cream did it’s job so the procedure was really easy and pain free for me. I could feel how she inserted the needle but it didn’t hurt. After that we had lunch with Marleen, it felt so weird that just 10 minutes ago I was laying down with a needle in my lips and now I’m having lunch, like just 10 minutes and I’ve got new lips. At the moment my lips look really bad, worse than yesterday. I have a lot of dark blue bruises on and around my lips, I look like I’ve got hit by a bus haha. I know the swelling will go down, but still every time I look in the mirror I’m like shit that does not look good. Ah I can’t wait to see the final result!

    Daily life

    I got my lips done!

    number10-jpg-1-of-1-24 number10-jpg-1-of-1-25 number10-jpg-1-of-1-26

    Heyy guys! Guess what!? I got my lips done today! I had been thinking about it for so long, you guys probably remember that I wanted to get them done the last time I was here but I was too late, the lady told me that I can not fly for 2 weeks after getting lip fillers but I had a flight back home in 1 week. So I went back home and booked an appointment in Estonia, but the lady there was soo rude so I ended up just leaving. Thinking back I’m so happy I left, I think when it comes to things like that you have to feel 100% comfortable and sure. I definitely didn’t feel that way.

    So this morning, I woke up and we were talking with Marleen about what should we do today, and I was like.. should I get my lips done? And she was like fuck yeah let’s do it haha. I booked a consultation and 2 hours later I was sitting there. It was so spontaneous, which was actually really good, I know if I would have planned it long time before I would have been so anxious about it.

    I wasn’t sure I was going to do it today, I just wanted to talk to the cosmetic, to see what she had in mind and if she understands what I want. I wanted a SUPER natural look, just to even out my lips a bit, no duck face. She showed me some photos of her work and I felt reassured and we did it! Marleen took some photos there, I will post them tomorrow and talk a bit more about the procedure, pain etc.

    After that we had a walk in Bondi beach, it’s like 5 minutes from our home. As you can see on the photos my lips are super swollen, I also have dark blue bruises. I will see the actual result in 2 weeks, when all the swelling goes down. I look like a duck right now haha but the lady told me that it will go down like 50%. Can’t wait to see the final result!

    PS In case you are wondering why I’m wearing a tracksuit and a leather jacket in Australia – we came from Brisbane where it was 35 degrees every day so 21 degrees in Sydney feels really cold haha