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October 2016


    Obsessed: Ivy Park x Topshop

    Ivy park 2


    Socks here / Pink sweater here / Green sweater here / Grey sweater here / Gym bag here / Sliders here

    Have you heard about Ivy Park? It’s Beyonce’s activewear collection and it’s sold at Topshop. I saw the collection for the first time in Australia and I bought a pair of grey shorts – maybe you’ve seen it on my Instagram? I wear these quite a lot. And now they launched their second collection and it looks so good, definitely one of my favourite activewear collections. I really need that gym bag and I love that cropped grey hoodie, and the sliders, and the pink hoodie and haha yeah I need everything. I have a serious shopping addiction but luckily I have a blog where I can show everything that I have bought and all of my outfits and so on :))) so happy I decided to start blogging, doing what I love makes me so happy. Time to have breakfast now, laters xx



      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJacket – Zara / Sweater – Ivyrevel / Jeans – Topshop / Shoes – Nike Huarache

     Hey guys and happy Monday everyone! It’s almost 12 and I’m still in bed, woops. But I have gotten quite a lot of stuff done on my computer. It’s soon time to go home and have some breakfast, I’m at my brother’s place because last night something happened with our gas boiler (that produces warm water) and suddenly everything smelled like gas in our apartment, so my mom read the instructions and it said that in case of a gas leak call emergency immediately, so she did and 2 huge fire trucks and an ambulance came and then they found out that it wasn’t that dangerous gas (it was diesel gas instead!?) and they were so mad and went away haha. But how should’ve we known that it isn’t THAT gas? I still didn’t want to sleep there because I think breathing in diesel all night isn’t good too, so I’m going to go home soon and I’m hoping that everything is alright.

    Talk to you later xx


    The movie room



    Hey guys! In Helsinki we stayed in a design hotel called Klaus K and they gave us the movie room, there was a huge TV with a sound system, a playstation and all the movies you could dream of, so the day after the concert we stayed in bed and watched movies until the evening. The bed also had a massage system and the position of the mattress was controlled by a remote. Another thing I absolutely loved there was the breakfast – they had a lot of organic options, fresh juices, handmade granola, yogurts, fruits, oatmeal and so on. We were super happy with this hotel so I definitely reccommend this place if you are visiting Helsinki!

    dsc_1784-1-copy dsc_1985 dsc_2031-3 I got some work done this morning, but now I gotta continue with some emails and I also have to take photos for my Instagram, which is really fun I think, I love being creative & coming up with different looks and so on. I might go out tonight with the girls but I’m not sure yet because I have a meeting tomorrow and it’s quite early in the morning and I don’t want to be like a zombie there. But we’ll see, I might still go for a few hours. Talk to you later! x