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October 2016


    France throwback

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoadtripping around France and Italy for three weeks with my boyfriend. What an amazing trip it was!

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy map reader and the best travel companion 🙂

    The first week we spent in Cannes, eating good food and going to the beach every dayOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen we started driving towards Italy and visited my aunt and her family in Genova, I kind of grew up in that city so it was so nostalgic to be back there. I will definitely start going there more often from now on OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut on the way there we stopped in Monaco and I fell in love with the place. Can I live there in the future, please? What a perfect location with France on one side and Italy on the other

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy outfit for strolling around Monaco, it was SO HOT. Like 35 degrees.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood bye Monaco, it’s time to hit the road again, But I’ll be back!img_2003.jpg

    We also spent a few nights in Tuscany, I felt so relaxed there. Funny story – while driving there we ran out of gas and there wasn’t a single gas station on that small road so we drove 40 Kilometers without any gas, praying that we would make it to our hotel instead of getting stuck in the middle of the road. The road was so bumpy with a lot of driving uphill and  downhill, every time we had to drive up I closed my eyes and just hoped that our little mini would make it haha. I can’t imagine what would have happened if the car would have just stopped. There were no cars on that road, so no one could’ve helped us as well. Luckily we made it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally visited Rome!


    Hey guys! I thought I would do a throwback to a great trip this summer 🙂 these are some of the places we visited during the 3 weeks. I want to do it all over again next summer, although I would love to explore a new place as well, Greece maybe?

    My boyfriend just got back from Rome, he had a Judo camp there, so we are going to have some sushi now and then we are off to the movies. Have a lovely Saturday everyone! x


    New in

    dsc_2364  dsc_2413Hey guys! It’s already too cold outside to wear sneakers (at least for me) so I decided to buy a pair of Ugg’s to keep my feet warm. I already have a pair of beige Bailey bow Ugg’s but they got ruined within three months of wear (what a bad quality for the price) but they are the most comfortable shoes ever so I just had to buy a new pair, they’re worth it 🙂 I seriously live in these during the winter. I’m going to light a fire in the fireplace now and snuggle up on the couch with my dog. Have a good night everyone! 🙂 x




    dsc_2240Jacket – Canada Goose / Jeans – Topshop / t-shirt – bought in Australia / Denim jacket – Topshop / Shoes – Nike

    Good morning guys! Eliza took these photos of me before we had dinner & girl talk on Friday. It was so cold outside, so we snapped these photos super quickly and went to Vapiano to eat. Later we went to a friends house warming party, it was a nice day 🙂

    My school starts in February and I decided that I need to travel and explore the world a bit before that, so I decided to go to Australia in about 2-3 weeks! I’m so happy, I love it when I have something to look forward to. Also the fact that my best friend is already there is amazing. Right now the plan is to fly to Brisbane, spend a week there and then a week in the Whitsundays (a dream place!!) and then settle down in Sydney. It’s not 100% sure yet, I haven’t bought the tickets or anything but I’m quite sure I will go. I think my blog would be a lot more interesting too, right now it feels like it’s -30 degrees outside so I can’t shoot outfits outside because the reality is that I wear the same jacket and ugg boots pretty much every day haha. But in Australia I would do that a lot and I’m also thinking about starting a youtube channel! Excited.


    Sunset @Noosa

    img_5363img_5326img_5351Throwback to an amazing sunset in Australia with my girl Marleen ♥︎

    Today has been such a busy day with lots of stuff to take care of so a throwback post from paradise is excactly what I need 🙂 it was an amazing day watching the sunset at the beach with my best friend and then getting ready and dancing the night away with friends. I think it’s about time to book a ticket back to the paradise 😉 time for a workout now, talk to you tomorrow xx