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September 2016


    Comfy look


    Jacket – Zara / Jeans – River Island / T-shirt – Kookai / Sneakers – Nike Huarache

    Good morning guys! I just had breakfast, I made this, it’s so good I literally have had it for breakfast for the past 2-3 weeks. I’m so happy I’ve been eating healthy lately, I love eating healthy but sometimes I just get off the track. Right now I can’t even remember the last time I ate meat?! Not saying that meat isn’t healthy but I definitely feel better when I don’t eat it. Not eating meat isn’t hard for me though, I hate the taste of beef and I can’t even stand eating chicken anymore so I only rarely eat fish. I want to find some good vegetarian recipes on Pineterest and recreate them, I think it would be fun to find some new cool recipes 🙂 I like easy recipes though because I suck at cooking haha.

    Anyways above is a comfy look from last week, jeans – t-shirt – leather jacket – sneakers, always works. I’m off to the shops with my mom now, we have to find a gift for my brother who has his 35th birthday today! 🙂

    Daily life

    Instagram @lucygrassso

    picmonkey-collageinsta1 1. T-shirt dresses will probably forever be my favourite kind of dresses

    2. Silky SaboSkirt jumpsuit and thigh highs – loved this outfit

    3. We shot some outfit photos with Marko this summer, this one is one of my favourites (I just remembered that I have about 3000 photos to go through from our latest shoot, gotta start working on it asap!)

    picmonkey-collageinsta24. Another neutral-toned outfit

    5. I want these so bad! They are quite expensive though and already sold out pretty much everywhere. Loved the latest Rihanna x Puma collection, Rihanna does such a good job as a designer!

    6. Some of my Instagram -looks


    7. Trying on my blue wig – I love it, I love wigs in general. What’s the point of damaging your hair with colouring if you can just wear a wig whenever you feel like it? Sometimes wigs totally complete my outfits

    8. A dress-kinda day

    9. Beautiful jumpsuit from BlackSwallow paired with my gray wig 🙂

    Here are some of my latest posts on Instagram, you can find my account here, I keep my blog and Instagram quite different as you can see 🙂 I’m off to the gym now, have a lovely day everyone! xx

    Daily life

    Winter trends

    Hey guys! I was on the radio this morning, did any of you listened to the broadcast? If you want to listen to it then the link is here,  my interview (it’s in Estonian though) starts at 20:25 so you have to scroll a bit 🙂 I’m so happy I did it, it was so fun!
    Today I’m talking all about shearling jackets, this it the IT jacket for the winter and I love the oversized look, the details and it just seems so cozy. I also love the fact that it goes perfectly with both boots and sneakers, you know sometimes some jackets are too dressy to wear with sneakers and too sporty to wear with boots so I’d say this is the perfect “in-between” jacket which can be worn both ways.

    But how much should you spend on a shearling jacket? Which brings me to my next point…


    Spend or save? I’d say save and go on a holiday instead, I think we all need a little getaway, am I right? I’d say that the difference between these two jackets is quite minimal. Acne jacket looks a bit more “fluffy” and the leather is different, but I saw the Zara one in the stores today and it looked beautiful with quality details and super soft lining. So I’d say that the differences aren’t big enough to opt for the more expensive one. I might have to go back to the mall later today to buy that zara jacket before they’re all gone 😉

    Sand dunes

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApicmonkey-collagerrOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotos by: Marleen Muhuste / edited by me

    Hey guys! A few days before Marleen left we went to shoot in a really cool place and I love how the photos turned out! I want to have a photoshoot there again, I think it’s such a nice neutral background which is perfect for outfit photos. Had a bit crazy day yesterday so I didn’t have time to blog. After waking up I went straight to the store to buy a new charger for my phone, mine broke awhile ago but instead of buying a new one I was being that annoying friend and used Marleen’s charger…until she left. Then I used my brother’s charger for a day until he left as well (he studies in England) soo I woke up with 1% and literally went to the store still wearing my PJ shirt haha. Then I went to the post office to get some mail (maybe you saw what I got from my Snapchat?) I love mail days!! haha. And then I cleaned the apartment, took photos, cooked, washed my dog, watched a movie .. literally I never do that much stuff in a day haha but I think it was that Matcha latte I drank in the morning that gave me so much energy! A cute tea shop opened up just around the corner and they sell Matcha there, I think I have a new morning routine now – walk my dog to the tea shop – get Matcha – walk back home and start working 🙂

    Gotta go now xx