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September 2016



    Good morning guys! I woke up, took my dog to the puppy park, made breakfast and now I’m blogging while eating my brekkie. Back to my everyday routine, after a little getaway to Helsinki which was great by the way. The first day we spent just walking around and checking out some shops, then we got ready for the concert which was great in our opinion, amazing show and it was so cool to see Justin perform live. The next morning I went to the gym which was next door from our hotel room and it felt so good to work out. I power walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill and then did some stretching, I love the feeling you get after a good workout. I’m doing the Sonia Tlev (her Instagram) top body challenge, I like her training guides way more than Kayla’s, I think her’s are a bit too though and my body got veery muscular when using her guides, then I changed it to Sonia’s workout guides and I was hooked. Her guides are more about building a nice booty and getting a flat stomach, I completed all the 12 weeks in April and I was so happy with the results so last week I started the guides all over again. Does anyone want to do it together? You can get her guides here

    This post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just truly love her workout guides xx


    Pink wall

    dsc_1595-2picmonkey-collage3dsc_1703dsc_1695dsc_1690dsc_1596Jeans & jacket from Topshop / Sweater – Calvin Klein / shoes – Converse / Bag bought from a market in Italy

    Hey guys! Sorry for not posting, sometimes I have so much stuff to take care of that the only thought on my mind is that why aren’t there more hours in a day. But what an exciting day it is today, I’m currently on the boat on my way to Helsinki to see Justin Bieber perform tonight!! I think it’s going to be an amazing show. I’m going with my boyfriend, we just had breakfast and now we are just lounging in our cabin, we have 2 hours to go until we arrive. The concert is in the evening, so after arriving we will check in to our hotel and then check out some shops. The weather seems amazing too, so excited!

    (I actually timed this post but it didn’t go up 🙁 the concert was amazing but more about it later!)



    New in: Adidas Gazelle

    dsc_1000-2 dsc_0974 Good morning guys! I had been eyeing these sneakers for a while so I finally gave in and ordered them on Asos. They arrived yesterday, I actually thought I was buying pink ones but received them in beige, then double checked my order and found out that I accidentally bought the off-white ones, but never mind I’ll be keeping these… I have enough pink sneakers already 🙂dsc_1007-2I think they look so fresh and I love the suede trend lately! These would look so good with tanned legs and denim shorts, but right now I have to go for jeans and a jacket (*dreaming of a holiday*)dsc_0968

    Yesterday was fun by the way, I got home after midnight & got a good night sleep and now I just had delicious pancakes made by my boyfriend 😉 Today’s plans: visiting the new Zara home store & buying a mirror for my room. Laters! xx


    Daily life

    Birthday gift

    dsc_0823 dsc_0859 dsc_0870-1-copyHey guys! This is what my gift to my brother looks like 🙂 I found out that he has a new vynul player but doesn’t have many records yet so I headed to the music store and bought these, Michael Jackson and David Bowie are quite safe picks I’d say. I couldn’t find a gift box to fit these so I decided to pack them into a pizza box haha! I think it looks cool. I have 2 hours to get ready now, I really wanted to work out too but I don’t have enough time anymore. I’m gonna take a shower now and start getting ready, have a good Saturday night everyone! x