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August 2016


    Fall Inspo


    Hey guys! I found this collage online and I love everything here, my favourite colours! I’m not really a dress-person, but I’ve started to like these everyday dresses, might buy a few in different colours to mix up with my favourite sneakers and a bomber/ leather jacket, perfect fall outfit. I was thinking about buying these shoes in France but ended up not buying and regretting it now haha. No I think I have enough sneakers for now, or do I?

    I just came home from work, walked & played with my dog, had a smoothie on the way home and now I’m getting some blogging and emails done on the computer. I might have to go back to work later, but feels good to have a few hours on the couch :-). We shot some outfits with Marko before I left for France and the first one will be up tonight, so you can check back here a bit later! x




    In the mountains

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotos from our trip to the mountains in France, this is definitely one of the best memories from the trip, although everything and every place we saw was amazing, so I better say that it’s all one big amazing memory. Finally you can see our car too! I fell in love with it, if I would live in Italy (and if I would ever get a driver’s licence, which will probably never happen, because I don’t think I need it) this would be the car I would have, it’s the perfect size for all the small streets and it just looks so cute. Right after renting the car we started driving to the mountains, Gorges du Verdon was our destination, we spent the first night in a hotel on the road and the next day we arrived to Gorges and spent a whole day and night there, but more about what we did there later! x

    I woke up 6.30am today and came home to let the cleaning lady in, it’s 9 ‘clock now and I still haven’t had breakfast and since I don’t have anything at home I’m gonna grab some oatmeal in a cafe over the road. Have a good day guys x

    Daily life

    Walk time

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey guys! I’m finally done with all the meetings today so now it’s time to go for a walk! I think I gained about 2-3 kgs on my trip to Italy & France so it’s time to start working out again haha. Feels good though, I look forward to putting my hair up, headphones on and just speed walk. I just wish I could throw on some shorts and walk to a beautiful beach like in the photos above when I was in Nice, I seriously feel SO COLD in Estonia. But anyways I think I will do a 40 minute walk and then go through a store and buy some organic dates and then I’m off to my boyfriends place. He has some watermelon at home so my dinner will be watermelon salad with dates, I try to eat as much vegetarian and raw food as I can, it’s the best for my body. Walk time now! x

    Daily life

    Playsuit love

    img_2498.jpgGood morning! I have such a busy day ahead, I have a few meetings to attend and some other stuff to take care of. I picked up my packages yesterday and this playsuit was in one of these, I love it – I wish I could’ve taken it with me on my trip, I probably will not get to wear it out anymore, for me it’s really cold in Estonia haha. Anyways just wanted to wish you guys good morning and show my new playsuit, now it’s time to get this day started, I might have time to do a longer post in the evening, we’ll see. Have a good day everyone x