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August 2016

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    Healthy breakfast

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hey guys, I missed blogging so much!! I was a bit off the past days and kind of busy too. On Friday I got a last-minute call saying that I have to go to work and when I got back home my girlfriends were already here, so I didn’t have any time to blog. We went out clubbing and I got home 6am in the morning, slept until 2pm and spent the day doing absolutely nothing – being bored as hell but too lazy to do anything. I went to sleep 5am last night, because my sleeping schedule is so messed up now. I feel like because of that one party night I don’t have my life together anymore haha. I hate feeling unmotivated, waking up late and not doing anything with my life, partying can be fun once in a while but but I just keep regretting it the next day haha. Maybe it’s not for me anymore? I feel like I want to focus more on work and getting stuff done, but partying just slows everything down.  If I go back to Australia I definitely want to go clubbing there once in a while, people start drinking there at 6pm, you go to the club at 8pm and all the clubs close at 1am, meaning that you are at home in bed by 1.30 – how good is that? Here people go to the clubs at 1am and get home at 6 haha.

    Anyways enough with that, Marleen made us this super good breakfast one morning and it’s super easy to make as well so I though I would share the recipe with you. All you need is (portion for 2): 2 bananas, 2 cups of greek yogurt, pomegranate and berries for topping. Put the bananas and the greek yogurt in the blender and blend, bananas give a really nice sweet taste to the yogurt. Then pour it in a bowl and top it up with pomegranate and all kinds of berries. And that’s it! Try it for breakfast next time, healthy and really good too I promise 😉

    I gotta go now, talk to you later xoxo

    Daily life

    Obsessed – designer swimwear

    Hey guys! I thought I would start with “obsessed” series here on my blog, meaning that I will share something that I love or I’m obsessed with at the moment. Right now it’s designer swimwear, I just can’t get enough. I haven’t bought anything from these brands yet, I just don’t know if it’s worth spending 100-200 euros on a bikini or swimsuit, but damn these look so good. Just see for yourself: IMG_8983-2Frankie swimwear – swim ( modeled by the mega babe Alexis Ren02Monday swimwear – swimwear brand created by blogger babes Natasha and Devin. Website – www.mondayswimwear.comtumblr_nyoux5xgje1tpc8mjo1_128013f6593066889a700fab9e3098637314

    Sommer swim – & Blue life swim –





    DSC_9165DSC_9131DSC_4313DSC_4315DSC_4525DSC_4533Jumpsuit – Saboskirt / leather jacket – Zara / necklace – NA-KD / heels – bought in LA

    Sorry for so many photos hehe, I just really liked these and wanted to show you them all! I love this look, quite a simple playsuit but it’s just so timeless and perfect, and the colour of it – love love love. I bought the heels in LA and I have worn these a lot, especially when going out, they are super comfy too so perfect for party nights. I’ve gotten so many questions about this leather jacket both on my blog and Instagram, I bought it from Zara in Sydney – one of my favourite jackets in my closet. A lot of favourite items combined in this outfit. Hope you guys like this look! x


    Sneak Peak

    DSC_4315Hey guys! This outfit will be up later tonight, I’m having some trouble with the internet here so the rest of the photos have to wait till I’m home. Anyways it’s been raining two days straight, I need some sun. Although it was cozy to just chill in bed for 2 days, watch different series on Netflix and just catch up, nothing beats a sunny day spent outside. We just left Haapsalu and we’r currently in the car driving to Pärnu, Marleen needs to get some stuff done there and then we will have lunch and start driving home. Talk to you later x