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July 2016


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    Shoes from here

    Hey guys! Sorry for slacking here a bit the past days. Since it was my birthday I hung out with my family and friends and didn’t manage to  blog. Yesterday I was on the hunt for a new camera (more about it later) and then in the evening my dog had a doggy sleepover haha if that’s even a thing!  Anyways another dog was staying at our place and it was the cutest thing ever. Now I want more dogs! One just isn't enough haha.

    Today has been a super busy day as well, right after waking up I started googling video editing, then purchased Adobe final cut pro and started learning. I’ve been watching like 10 tutorial videos, it takes a lot of time to learn it but I really like it, I just want to be better at it already haha! I’m currently editing LA video (yep we filmed!) and I hope I can finish it before we are leaving for France. I’m thinking about filming there too, would you guys like it? Maybe vlogs? Let me know 🙂

    I got these shoes in the mail yesterday, how nice are these?! I have been obsessed with see-through shoes since I saw these on Kim K. I’m gonna take some outfit photos wearing these tomorrow, so you guys can see how I styled it. I gotta go now talk to you later! x


    Pre- birthday dinner






    Hey guys! Came here to quickly post these photos before the game starts. Who else is watching football today? 😉 I’m not a big football fan but when it’s a final I think it’s more interesting haha.

    Anyways the photos above are from my pre-bday dinner on Friday. We started with dinner at Controvento and then went to club Studio, it was a prefect evening/night and I was so happy. I only had a glass of champagne so I was sober, but I still had as much fun as I would have had drunk, but woke up without a hungover and managed to do lots of things the next day 🙂  And it was so funny to see my friends drunk haha.

    Btw how beautiful are my girls!? They are all amazing and I’m so lucky to have them in my life <3

    In case you didn’t see my update on the “new hair” post, then yep the grey hair is a wig! hehe, but I love it and will continue to take Instagram photos wearing it & wear it out sometimes…I’m obsessed, want more wigs now haha.

    Time for football now xx


    Next stop: French riviera

    IMG_9709Yep that’s right! I’m going to French riviera with my boyfriend for 3 weeks. Our flight is on Saturday and we’ll be back on the 6th of August. I’m so excited! I have never been there but my boyfriend has been there many times so he will show me around 🙂 We will be staying in Cannes for the first week, second week in Nice and for the last week we’ll probably fly to Sicily and spend it there. We are also going to rent a car and take lots of trips to Monaco, St Tropez, Gorges du Verdon and Italy! My family lives 2 hours from Nice, so we are going to visit them 🙂 haven’t seen them in forever. I’m already looking forward to spending time at the beach – laying on my huge swan inflatable that I bought from LA haha, walking through beautiful streets, eating real Italian food & Ice cream, taking photos, having a cozy family dinner and speaking Italian (yep I can still speak a bit!) …ohh so soon!

    I have some things to get done before the trip though. So plans right now are: spending Sunday…well, like a Sunday. On Monday it’s my birthday, so I’ll spend the morning with my boyfriend until he goes away again. And in the evening I have a family dinner planned. And here comes something I really want to get done before our trip – my lips!! Yep, this is a birthday gift from me to me 😉  I have been thinking about getting my lips done for over a year now. Funny story actually, I had to get them done in Australia but I went to the clinic too late. They said that you have to wait 2 weeks before you can fly long-haul flights, but I had a flight back in 1 week. So there was that, but I actually found out from the clinic here where I’m going to get them done now, that flying doesn’t affect it at all and you can pretty much fly immediately after the procedure. I just got a text from them that I can come on Monday but I can’t really go to a dinner after that because some swelling will occur. So I hope I can get another appointment before I leave! I’ll keep you guys updated, have a wonderful Sunday y’all x




    Hey guys! Here’s a post from Disneyland, better late than never right 😉 I have always wanted to go to Disneyland and I finally had the chance to do it in LA, felt like a little kid in a candy store, I loved it!! I think it was so much fun and such a sweet place, I walked around with a big smile on my face. The only bad thing was that you have to stand in really long queues, for the best rides you had to wait over an hour…and we didn’t know about fast passes. So here’s a tip for you guys – If you are ever going to Disneyland, definitely take the fast passes! But overall it was an amazing experience, definitely not for little kids only. Everything is so well thought out, every little detail. We were literally amazed of how interesting some of the rides were, the ghost house ride for example was brilliant. We didn’t see the beautiful fireworks though, we had to leave a bit early because we had planned a dinner with friends (after rescheduling a ton of times) so we took an Uber and drove to their place. They are family friends and I had not seen them in about 5 years. Their father is in the movie business, so they live in LA. He shoots all kinds of Hollywood movies which is so cool!
    I’m going to go to the airport soon to pick up my boyfriend, he was in a Judo camp in Spain. Then I’m gonna hang out with him for a couple of hours and then it’s time to get ready for my pre-bday dinner with my best girls. I’m excited!

    And btw my dress didn’t arrive, this is what literally always happens haha. You can’t always count on express deliveries 😉 Oh well, gotta find something from my closet then. Gotta go, talk to you later x