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July 2016


    Beach day

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey guys! I just got home from the beach, it was lovely! We sunbathed a bit and played beach tennis :-). We just got back home so now I’m going to take a shower and get ready and then we are going to check out some shops. I’m already in love with this place. Laters guys xx


    Touchdown Cannes

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  cannnnesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi from Cannes! We arrived a few hours ago, but our Airbnb wasn’t ready so we had dinner and walked around a bit. It’s so beautiful here!! I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired. Talk to you tomorrow guys x



    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi from the Airport! Woke up this morning and still didn’t know whether we are flying away today or not. So we had a little breakfast meeting with my boyfriend and we decided to go! We would have gone on Monday, but we had already paid for the accommodation so we would have lost 2 days. Luckily we took a place in Cannes which is about 35 kilometers from Nice. Anyways we were the only people checking in for the flight to Nice and cameras were filming us the whole time, and  when we got our tickets they came to us and wanted to do an interview with us, asking why we are flying there. We didn’t do the interview though haha. Got really scared actually but we are in the gate now and luckily we aren’t the only people here. We should board the plane soon, talk to you in Cannes! x 


    Bad day

    IMG_3107 copy

    Hey guys!

    I wish I could write something fun here, but I had such a bad day. Woke up to a message from my boyfriend, saying that there has been a terror attack in Nice (my heart goes out to everyone there) and we should go to Italy instead. After that I had a meeting that wasn’t very positive and then I went to get my lips done, but eventually didn’t do it. The lady there was SO RUDE, her attitude was like why am I wasting her time. I was asked to sign a contract saying that I have been warned about all the risks and I know everything about the procedure. When I said that I wont sign it, because I don’t know any of these things and when I asked her if she would explain these things to me she didn’t answer any of my questions and eventually she said – will we do it or not? And I was like, I’m not sure – would you recommend me to do it? And she was like, go away bye, my next available appointment is in September so I left. And I’m happy I did, she didn’t understand what I wanted and not to mention she had the ugliest lips I’ve ever seen – soo fake looking. Anyways she was yelling at me so badly that when I got out of there I had tears in my eyes haha I get so emotional when someone yells at me. But I guess that was faith, everyone keeps telling me not to do it hehe. If I still want to do it, I will do it in Australia in the future.

    Then I went to get my packages from DHL and the lady there was so rude, after talking to her for about 30 mins they just closed the office and I didn’t get my packages. And then I cried again , I don’t usually cry but I guess I had an emotional day!? But I really needed these packages, I’m going away for three weeks but I still have to post for brands but now I didn’t receive these items so I don’t know what I will do.

    And now we are thinking wether we should fly to Nice tomorrow or not, they don’t give any refunds so we would lose quite a lot (plane tickets + Airbnb) that we have already paid for.  But we might move our flight to Monday – then the situation would have some time to calm down a bit and I would get my packages too (hopefully).

    I’ll try to rest now a bit, it has been such a stressful day haha, but I’m sure it will be all better tomorrow. Have a good night guys! x

    PS! my bf always has these vivid stories to calm me down. He told me about this book by Albert Ellis titled “How to control your anger before it controls you and it made me realise that getting upset wont fix the problem.” – HAHAHA my boyfriend literally wrote this thing here. Love you lol. But apparently the book is good, gotta read it! I shouldn’t get that upset because of other people.