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July 2016


    Picnic in the sun

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey guys! I finally fixed the problem with my hard drive so I can blog again yay! I was so stressed about it , so happy it’s fixed now. Anyways the photos above are taken a few days ago in Monaco, we walked around all day and then had a picnic by the sea. Monaco is such a dream place, definitely a place where I would like to live one day.

    Today is our last day in Cannes, we are soon checking out of our Airbnb and we are going to Nice airport to see if we can rent a car. We decided to do a 2 week roadtrip instead of flying to Sardinia, I think it would be more fun. But renting a car from Cannes is really expensive so let’s hope we can find one in Nice! If not we’ll spend a night in Nice and then we’ll see what we are going to do. Super spontaneous haha, but it’s fun.


    Talk to you later xxx


    In the middle of the sea

    DCIM100GOPROG0854439.Hey guys! Here’s another photo from Tuesday. We had such a lovely day, first we went to a beautiful beach (the water was crystal clear) and then we swam to a little platform in the middle of the sea and just hung out there. It was so peaceful and so nice. I also filmed the whole morning/afternoon, but as Gopro was a bit wet all the material is a bit hazy, so I don’t know whether I should put a film together or not. Would you guys want to see it?

    After swimming we changed & had dinner and visited a market. Yesterday we went to Monaco, I seriously want to move there. I wanted to make a post about it, but memory on my computer is full and my external drive doesn’t work so I can’t import photos right now. I hope I can fix it today.

    Today’s plans are: going to Fnac to check out some cameras & external hard drives, then to the beach and in the evening we have a sunset jet sky tour planned. Excited! But now – breakfast. Talk to you later xx


    Cannes look


    Dress – Saboskirt / bag – Zara / sneakers – Adidas / wrap around necklace from NA-KD /

    Good morning guys! Here’s a look from last night. I went for a t-shirt dress & sneakers and topped it up with some jewellery. Anyways last night we went to eat at a restaurant, then took some photos and just walked around. The beach was so beautiful at night and there was a market and I found the coolest sunnies there! I’ll show you guys later. Now we’r gonna catch a train to Monaco and spend our day there. Love xx

    Btw my boyfriend took these photos – pretty good right? 😉


    IMG_3347 IMG_3073

    In the absence of any good photos at the moment, I will post two pics from Malibu. I seriously need to teach my boyfriend how to take better photos of me, help anyone!? haha.

    Woke up to really sad news again, my boyfriend knew one guy who died in Nice during the attack, so incredible sad. Makes it even more real, when someone you know was affected by it. We thought about going to Nice to put some flowers on promenade des Anglais, but we are not sure if it’s safe to go there, so we’ll see.

    We thought about going to Monaco today but we woke up too late so we will try again tomorrow. I’ll try to take some photos for you guys today. Laters xx