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June 2016



    Photos taken with Canon 750D

    Heyy! As I told you guys we went to Malibu yesterday and as you can see it was amazing! I have a lot more photos to share, but I don't have time to edit these right now. My blog is more like a “photo blog” right now because I'm always in a hurry when making posts, after picking out photos and editing them I don't have a lot of  time left to write. I blog early in the mornings before going out & late at night before going to sleep, because we are out all day. But I'm not complaining, I hope you guys like seeing more photos and less text right now 🙂 I'll be back to my regular posting when I'm home.

    We are off to the beach now, probably we'll spend our day around Santa Monica and then come home to get ready. We are going to a restaurant in the evening, I'm actually excited to get ready, do my hair & make up and put on heels. can't remember the last time I wore heels haha! Love x


    At the beach

    Some snaps from Santa Monica beach yesterday – love this beach <3

    We are waiting for our Uber right now, we are going to spend our day in Malibu, by the beach.. just the way we like it 🙂 It's 28 degrees today, so hot! Have a good day guys x



    Mixed snaps from yesterday

    Hey guys! Yesterday we visited Hollywood, saw the walk of fame and Hollywood sign. So beautiful! Feels quite unreal to be here. This morning we drove bikes to Santa Monica beach, spent a few hours there and then drove back home to take a quick shower. After that we went to the city, checked out some shops & had dinner. Was a good day 🙂 so tired now..again haha. Talk to you later, love xx


    Shopping @ Beverly hills


     Heyy! I'm so tired, writing this post one eye open haha. It's a bit hard to blog with this time difference, it's 10pm here and 8am in Estonia. But that's alright 🙂 luckily we managed to sleep on the plane, so we weren't jet lagged at all when we arrived. Crazy that we arrived 3 days ago already, time is going too fast!

    Here are a bunch of photos from today. We went shopping in Beverly Hills, so many cool stores there and such a cool area in general. I didn't buy very much though, I guess my wallet will thank me later 😉 We are thinking about going to Malibu tomorrow and maybe Disneyland on Monday? Sounds good to me. I really want to go to Disneyland, I will always be a little kid inside. So many more things to do here, but luckily we have 1 week left to spend here. I'm really loving this Cali-life.

    I'm going to bed now, love xx