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June 2016



     At LA airport yesterday right before throwing up on the plane haha, good times

    Good morning! Woke up 5 am today, oh the jet lag. I’ll try to go to sleep later tonight so I would sleep a bit longer. Let’s hope I will be able to stay up! We are going to have breakfast in a cafe across the road now, no food at home and too lazy to go to the store and start cooking. I’m still in my travel mode, so let’s do one more day of just being, relaxing and eating out. Back to the routines tomorrow, I really want to start eating healthy again, so I will go to a health food store and fill up my kitchen with all kinds of organic stuff. Have you tasted organic fruits/veggies? You’ll never go back to the ones they sell in grocery stores. Organic is expensive but it’s so much better for you and tastes a million times better too, I promise! 😉 But now – breakfast. Talk to you later x


    Usher concert

       Photos taken with Canon 750D

    Jacket & top from Sorella / shorts from Zara / Heels – bought in LA, can’t remember the name of the store but similar here

    Hey from a tired gal! Got home from the airport awhile ago, tired as hell but I have to be up until 9pm at least so I wouldn’t be jet lagged tomorrow. Had quite a bad flight, it was so bumpy that I just felt soo sick so I threw up hahaha, oh well.. happens 😉 luckily the turbulence stopped so I felt better, there was wifi on board so I just scrolled Instagram & watched youtube videos, so nice to do that on the plane 🙂

    We took the photos above right before going to Usher concert which was amazing btw! Best concert I’ve ever been to. Usher killed it and Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube showed up on stage too and performed. How cool? I really want to make a tradition that every time I travel somewhere I’ll go to at least one concert. I think it creates amazing memories which are so lovely to look back on.

    I will go to bed soon, have a good night guys x


    Last night

    Hey guys! Some photobooth pics we took before heading out to dinner last night 😉 didn’t really get any good outfit photos haha so I hope this will due for now. Bought these heels here a few days ago and I’m in love. The comfiest heels I’ve ever had.

    Today we are going to hike to the Hollywood sign then to the Museum of Art from there and after that we are going to meet up with some friends, I haven’t seen them in about 5 years so I’m excited! Love having friends all around the world. Gonna be a busy day, gotta go now! x


    Cruisin' around

       Photos taken with Canon 750D

    This is how we cruise around here- with our dope ass bikes 😉 we took these photos during the sunset last night, so nice! I love sunsets.

    We just got ready and we are about to go out to eat, but we are still trying to find a nice rooftop place so googling is on full mode right now hehe. We are thinking rooftop, sunset, nice view, good music 🙂

    Okay I think we found something, so we are waiting for our Uber now which will be here in 1 minute and I’m not even ready, typical haha. I’ll try to get some photos of my outfit so I can show you guys later. Talk to you later xx