Daily life

    Ready for this?

    Um haha so here are a bunch of party photos! I always have my small camera with me when I go out and these photos are from three different nights. The last 6 photos are from last night, we went to The Bucket List and sat there, had drinks and just talked and laughed. Later we went to a burrito place right next to it, met up with Brooke’s friend and had frozen margaritas with a view, that was the strongest drink I had all night haha! I had such a fun evening, so nice to meet so many new people, it’s the best part of traveling. And I got home at 9pm and woke up with no hangover, day drinking I’m telling you!

    Anyways I’m actually really trying to prioritize things, I just feel bad because I know that the main thing I came here to do was to focus on blogging, but I still find myself out having fun while my blog is very inactive. This is exactly what happened last time I was here and I really don’t want to do the same mistake twice. Like I am having so much fun here you have no idea, but I want blogging to come first. Blogging is everything to me, it’s everything I want to do. When I haven’t updated my blog I feel off. I just want you to know how I feel about this, because you’ve obviously noticed that my blog hasn’t been very active and I haven’t updated every day. But I’m young, I’m still learning and growing, learning to balance my life between being out and blogging at home, learning to prioritize things, there are no days off for me, it’s all a proccess, but I know I’m on the right track. And I want to give it my best. So bare with me and thank you for your support it means the world ♥

    Daily life

    Spontaneous plans

     Heey guys! I thought I was just going to chill today, write a nice long blog post and read a book or something but these kind of things just don’t work out here haha. Some spontaneous plans just always come in the way, I went to the beach with my flatmate Sarah this morning and met some of her friends there, had some beers, later some burgers on our balcony and now we are all getting ready to go to The Bucket List which is like the most awesome beach bar right in Bondi. Sunday sessions are a real thing here, Lauren and her friend Brooke will join us too! So freaking awesome to meet new people every day. The guys I met today all live just around the corner as well which is so cool, Bondi is the best hood. I love it.

    Okay I think Sarah is done with her shower now so it’s my turn. I promised to be there in 15 minutes but I haven’t even washed my hair yet haha I just can’t loose this always late habit!? Anyways I don’t think I’m going to take long, beachy look is what you go for here. So I’ll leave my hair naturally curly, do my eyebrows and mascara, maybe some powder on the cheeks, nice summery outfit and I’m out! Talk to you later x

    Daily life

    Last night

    One photo from yesterday! Sorry for the bad quality, all the photos are on Gabe’s memory card and he’s out on a boat shooting some famous Australian blogger. He managed to send me one photo via Facebook so this will do! We were walking around yesterday and found this spot, seriously this city is amazing, so beautiful and so many photo spots.

    I walked around Bondi yesterday and handed out my CV’s to some nice clothing shops and I already got two interviews, one tomorrow and one next week, how exciting!! Both these shops are like 2 minutes from where I live which is awesome. Other than that my plans for the rest of the week are:

    Tonight a dinner and a gig with some friends. Will be fun.

    Tomorrow I have an interview and later in the evening I’m going to dinner with a girl I met on Vina! This app is seriously the best if you’re in a new place I swear.

    On Friday we’ll go to a Sabo Skirt sample sale with Lauren, I imagine there’s going to be so much nice stuff.

    On Saturday I’m going to a festival with MTV Australia (Yes you read that right, how crazy is that!?!? Working with these kind of big companies is a HUGE deal for me) and I’m so excited about the festival. It starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm, seriously Europe learn from Australian day drinking culture haha, day drinking is the best you’ll feel so fresh the next day.


    Now I really have to start getting ready for dinner, I’m trying to get over this ‘I’m always late’ habit. Not sure if it’s possible though!? Haha


    In the city

        Top – Saboskirt / Shorts – Levi’s / Bag – Gina Tricot / Watch – Daniel Wellington / Shoes – Converse

    Photos by Gabriel Hutcheon 

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! Some photos we took in the city a few days ago, so beautiful here everywhere, my favourite city.

    I went out last night and it was so much fun, I had forgotten how much fun partying is here. You start super early like around 6-7, you are completely drunk at 10 and get home at midnight and wake up fresh! So good haha. I had my small camera with me as well, I think I lost it at least 5 times but always found it at random places like on the bar table or in the girls bathroom next to the sink hahaha. So lucky I didn’t loose it!! Will go through the photos later with Lauren, will be so funny. Will head out for an acaii bowl now, the best thing to eat after a night of drinking! 😉