Daily life

    Midsummer grill

    On Friday we met up with some friends and had a little midsummer grill. They had rented a camper which I think was so cool, I want to rent one as well and just cruise around in beautiful places. That would be so fun it the summer. The grill and chill was really fun, as you can see the guys were still drunk from the night before haha. We just talked and laughed for two hours or so until we went back to our place, took these outfit photos you saw in the previous post, had drinks and went to the party. I didn’t bring my camera to the party so I hope these will do :-))

    Marleen just made chocolate cake and now we are going to watch a movie. Lazy Sunday vibes – exactly how it should be. Talk to you tomorrow! x


    Midsummer outfit

     Shorts – Levi’s / Top –here / Jacket and scarf – Zara / Shoes – Danija


    This is what I looked like on the second day! I’m so happy I bought this jacket I think it’s perfect :-)) I just got home from Otepää and I look like a mess, I think I’ve never needed a shower more than I need it right now haha. My shoes are so dirty and I’m full of scratches and blisters.

    Midsummer was so freaking fun, I don’t even know what to say I’m just so happy I could spend it with my girls. I was so drunk both days and did some stupid shit to the point that it’s embarrassing hahaha but so fun at the same time. I barely ever drink these days so it was fun for a change, the whole weekend I felt like I was 16 again. Fun times! Now – a long shower, unpacking and cleaning my messy shoes. Talk later! x

    Daily life

    Midsummer day 1

    The only photo I have from yesterday hahaha! Sorry for the bad quality. We got here way too late (at 9pm) got ready quickly and went straight to the party. I wore my new boots, a sweater and this camo jacket I just bought from Zara yesterday. I think I’ll go for pretty much the same look today but with a different top. Anyways I didn’t bring my camera to the party, we just decided to go crazy, jump around and sing until our throats hurt. We had so freaking much fun. It was the perfect summer night. I’ll make sure to bring my camera today so I can take some photos, the only problem is that we live 3km away from the party and I can’t really bring the camera back home when I’m done taking photos. But we’ll see! Ready for day 2 (dancing girl emoji). Let’s do this midsummer :-))


    New in

    Heey! This day went by soo fast can’t believe it’s already time to go to bed. I woke up this morning and realised that it’s midsummer tomorrow!?! And panicked a bit because I really wanted to be prepared and have a nice festival outfit sorted (it’s not a proper festival but it’s as close as it gets here) but realised that’s it’s tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. Happens every single time haha! I ordered these shoes from Nelly and hoped that they would arrive before midsummer but they didn’t so I was a bit sad. I felt like all I needed was a nice pair of boots that I could wear with either a dress, shorts or jeans. I went to check out some shops with my mom and found these and I love these even much more than the Nelly ones! I’m so happy, these are exactly what I’ve been looking for. And they really look like Saint Laurent or Balenciaga boots. I got these from Danija shop in Kristiine shopping centre and they have a deal until tomorrow that if you buy 1 pair of shoes and get 1 for free. My mom bought a pair and I got these so we both got our shoes 50% off, how freaking lucky? 🙂 okay going to bed now, I’m so tired. We will drive to Otepää tomorrow, we rented a house there and we’ll be staying there for 2 nights. So excited for the roadtrip! Night x