Fav skirt

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    Hey guys! Have you heard of I amGia the label? You probably have because it’s all over Instagram, but if not go check them out they have the coolest stuff! Like my skirt hehe.

    Anyways on another topic, I was a bit sad for a few days because I just couldn’t understand why things were not working out for me blogging wise. I had finally found a photographer who had enough free time to shoot a few times per week and everything was going great. Until he got evicted and went to do farm work. And here I am, without a photographer yet again. A small part of me started to question it all for a second, maybe I should give up blogging? But then I quickly realised that I would be the unhappiest person if I’d do so. I would never give up on a dream, as a hobby or as a job – this is what I love doing the most. And I know that everything has it’s ups and downs. So I’m thinking of starting taking outfit photos indoors again – like when I started on Instagram. My account was actually doing really well when I was posting these kind of photos and the best part is that I can rely on myself, not on a photographer. The only sad part is, that I can’t show you all these magical locations here in Australia, but at the same I’ve shot in so many beautiful places in Sydney and a part of me is excited to change it up. And when I’m back in Europe reunited with my dream team bestie I could start posting outdoors photos again. What do you think? ♥




    Random facts about living in Australia

    1. Barefoot is okay. Shoes are not a must. Grocery shopping, picking your kids up from the school, going to the post office. I often see guys wearing fancy suits and no shoes haha. I love it! Shows how laid back the lifestyle is here.

    2. Always something to do. When back home I always felt like there is nothing to do then here it’s the opposite. I feel like I won’t have time to do everything I want until I need to go back! Exploring all the beautiful beaches, outdoor movies, events etc.

    3. Cockroaches. Everywhere. In your kitchen, bedroom, on the streets etc. Especially in Bondi. Everyone uses incect bombs to get rid of them but you’ll bound to see at least a few on the streets if not in your bedroom haha

    4. Spiders, I’ve seen 2 hairy spiders but never in my home. It’s actually quite a rare thing to see and definitely not something to stress about!

    5. Sharks. It’s actually so safe here when it comes to sharks, especially Bondi. They have a shark net, shark detector in the water and a helicopter flying over every 30 minutes to check for sharks. The last shark attack in Sydney was in 2015, and the last shark attack in Bondi was in 1929. So although I am terrified of sharks it’s a very unnecessary thing to be afraid of

    6. The party scene. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday. It goes down every single night! I’ve probably never partied this much in my life and I’m slowly distancing myself from the party scene to focus on personal development. But it’s crazy fun! All these beach bars, house parties across the street, bbq-s etc. The thing I love the most about the party scene here is that people start early, 9pm is very late. You start drinking around 5, you’re drunk by 7/8 and you are home in bed by midnight :-))

    7. Dating scene. Everyone’s dating, maybe even 5 people at a time. Dating is huge here – dinners, drinks you name it. And everyones on Tinder and Bumble haha

    8. Poke bowls. Poke is like a raw fish salad, you choose either tuna, salmon, shrimps etc. And then you choose your base like brown rice, noodles, cauliflower rice etc. And then you have this delicious bowl that every Aussie eats. It’s like the Australian Vapiano! The lines are always so long but you get your meal pretty quickly

    9. No one’s really an Australian apart from the Aboriginals. All my friends are fist generation Aussies, meaning that their parents are not Australian, but moved here a while ago and had kids. if you ask an Aussie where are they from they usually say “my mom is German and dad is english but we’ve been living here my all life” or something like that. I think it’s so interesting, so mixed, I love it.

    10. People wake up early, if you go down to the beach at sunrise which is 6.30 the beach is packed! It’s busier in the early hours than in the evening. Everyone’s working out, walking their dogs, grabbing breakfast or going for an early morning surf before work

    11. People are so friendly, warm and open. On the streets, post office, on the bus – you just strike up a conversation with stranger

    12. It’s so easy to meet people and make friends. A super lovely girl came into my bikini shop this week and we hit it off from the first second and she invited me to her little food and drinks event with all her girlfriends. How nice! This is totally normal here and I love it so much, something like this would probably never happen in Estonia as people are much more closed off and disconnected from each other

    13. I came to the point where my mind just stopped working and I started googling facts about Australia haha. So I’ll just stop here, these facts are super random just what came out of my head in the moment. Hope you liked this post, it’s a beautiful day so I’ll head down to the beach now! x



    Daily life

    Puppy fever

      At Jarvis Bay yesteday

    Ah I have a serious puppy fever! That’s the only thing that’s missing here. Bondi is such a ‘dog place’ as well, everyone has a dog and it makes me want to have one here so bad. But obviously I can’t get a dog here, so I thought that I will try to find some dog shelters, I’d love to foster puppies at night, which means you can take a puppy or two home for the night so they don’t have to sleep in the shelter, give them loots of love and cuddles and bring them back the day after. I would lovee to do that, would help me with my dog fever a lot hehe. Sleep time now, good night ♥

    Daily life

    Brunch date

    My girl is back in town ♥♥♥

    I reunited with this girl for brunch yesterday, ahh I missed her so much! It was nice to catch up. Tomorrow we are going to Jarvis Bay which is exciting, apparently the sand there is the whitest sand in the world. I want to take lots of photos hehe. We are leaving early in the morning so I’m having a night in all by myself, probably for the first time in 3 months? Somehow I always end up meeting up with someone and never spend time alone, but the introverted side of me really needs me time. I also feel like I’ve really been lost in my thoghts lately, like I’m very present but also very much in my own bubble (my thoughts) so I want to read The Power of Now before bed tonight. That book always kind of brings me back to the earth. Okay I’ll close my computer now, put something on on Netflix and then soon go to bed and read. Hope you are all well! Thank you for still reading my blog. I love you.